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Founded and based in New Jersey, Kats Botanicals has made a name for itself by focusing on the quality of the ingredients included in its Full Spectrum CBD Oils. The company boasts that the hemp used to create its products is obtained directly from farms in Colorado that maintain the strictest version of organic farming. The hemp provided by these farms is non-GMO and is processed via a whole plant extraction technique that ensures the potency of the end product. The effectiveness of this process is evident in the more than 10 thousand 4.5-star average customer reviews available to browse on the site.

Kats Botanicals offers nine options to choose from in prices that range between $44.99 and $139.99. Kats Botanicals also has several flavors that users can choose from, including:

In this article, we will identify ten of the best Full Spectrum Oil providers, listing pros and cons and giving the background of each to make the customer’s decision as stress-free as possible.

8. Kats Botanicals – Best Rewards Program

CBDistillery offers several tinctures that can be purchased for as little as $35.00 with the potential to save an additional 20% when signing up for a subscription, which comes with free shipping. While some customers have found the bottles difficult to open, only a few have experienced this issue as the product is sealed to ensure that children cannot open them.

The company is one of the only B Corp Certified CBD providers, meaning that it has been judged to uphold the highest transparency and environmental performance standards. In addition, Charlotte’s Web has made it clear that the company is aware that hemp is fibrous and susceptible to the transference of pesticides. The company has therefore claimed to ensure that all pesticides and herbicides used are organic.

Customers should read and follow the recommended dosage, and CBD Oil should not be used if you are pregnant or breastfeeding.

With an average of four-star reviews on the Better Business Bureau and commendations by industry professionals, CBD American Shaman is a company that should not be missed.

Charlotte’s Web makes its organic CBD oil with Colorado-grown hemp. Concentrations range from 7 milligrams to 60 milligrams of CBD per 1 milliliter serving, and each tincture is U.S. Hemp Authority certified. According to testers, the original formula has a calming effect, which contributed to a better night’s sleep.

Some people may experience mild side effects from CBD, which typically result from taking too much CBD at one time. They include:

Best Potency: Spruce CBD Oil Tincture

Not all CBD products take effect at the same rate. CBD gummies and capsules must work their way through the digestive system, which could take one to two hours. On the other hand, CBD oils or sprays that you place under your tongue and topicals smeared on the skin may take just 15 to 45 minutes to start working.  Ask your physician for advice on which CBD product to try for your specific needs.

A 2019 retrospective case study looked at the effects of CBD on sleep and anxiety symptoms. Results showed that nearly 80% of participants who took 25 milligrams of CBD oil daily for one month in capsule form saw reduced anxiety scores and improved sleep.

It is third-party lab tested for quality, contains organic MCT coconut oil, and is free of artificial flavors and preservatives.

Love Hemp actually uses US-grown hemp and holds most of their stock in the US. However, they are UK based, and offer free shipping to the UK regardless. This, combined with the fact they are the only brand that comes close to Evopure in product quality terms means they win a spot on the list comfortably.
With other options for CBD strength beyond 10 percent and some unique flavours, Love Hemp CBD oil is tested for the presence of 11 main cannabinoids as standard.
They also offer some more unique products such as atomiser sprays and CBD-infused body salves.
While their standpoint on environmental concerns is a little less clear, the product is of high quality and highly recommended.
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Hempura is a relatively small UK company that has become surprisingly well known in a short amount of time due to a range of good business moves such as offering affiliate marketing and wholesale orders for other brands.
The product is also rich in cannabinoids & terpenes. While not entirely in the natural ratios like Evopure’s offering, this is still a big plus that you should always look for.
Hempura also offers a range of unique products that aren’t offered by many competitors, such as CBD chocolates and hemp tea.
While not quite as good as either of the above options, Hempura is a great option that’s on the cheaper end of the scale so wins a spot on the list regardless.
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1. Evopure Organic Broad Spectrum Hemp CBD Oil

As mentioned above, many CBD oil options are in fact, very low in CBD, and some scam options don’t have any at all.
If you are attempting to use CBD oil to manage a health condition, these are essentially useless. Keeping our list to 10 percent means every single option here has the potential to hold benefits – it also means that if you don’t experience any benefits, CBD potentially isn’t for you.
Either way, by sticking to this list you can rest assured that you’ve tried ‘the real deal’ at a stronger than industry average (5 percent) range.
With that in mind, here are the top 7 CBD oils in the UK, including details on exactly how and why they’ve won their spot here.

Snowden Healthcare is a herbal wellness based shop with a wide range of products for all sorts of uses. While they don’t specifically specialize in CBD, they take a ‘nature first’ approach that gives all of their products a high standard of effectiveness and sustainability.
All of their products are manufactured in the UK to high standards from organically cultivated hemp crops too.
This dedication to plants stretches to their CBD oil, which comes in multiple forms such as indica and sativa. Snowden’s offering is the most expensive option on this list, so is likely only for CBD aficionados, but it’s very high quality and wins a recommendation either way.
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Holistic Hemp are based in Scotland, and use handmade products sourced from multiple small farms across Europe, as opposed to one large area of land.
Their CBD is even slowly extracted by hand, giving the whole thing a nice touch. Unfortunately their CBD oil has the lowest actual CBD content on this list, however they do offer stronger doses in their hemp paste and other more unique products.
Being a small, family run company means one of the main benefits HH have over the other brands here is uniquely personal customer service.
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