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2000 mg cbd oil

Made with 99% pure CBD extract and organic hemp seed oil, in this bottle there’s 20mg CBD per serving (2 drops) and 1000mg total CBD content per bottle. Always ensure you do not exceed a total of 70mg CBD (7 drops of our Natural 2000mg CBD Oil) per day.

Our Natural 2000mg CBD Oil is a higher strength, unflavoured CBD oil and ideal for those who are looking for a stronger concentration of dosage. As with all our oils, we believe CBD is an amazing way to rejuvenate and balance your body throughout your daily activities. As this is a higher grade we would only recommend to those that have used CBD oils for a sustained period of time already.

One way to get the CBD into your system fast is by holding it under your tongue for 3 seconds before swallowing. A more palatable way to take CBD can be by adding it in a drink, we find it goes really well with coffee and can help to smooth the caffeine spike.

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CBD Oil Tinctures

Our 4000mg CBD oil is one of the strongest concentrations of cannabidiol oil available in the industry. Made with 100% pure hemp oil, this tincture packs over 66 mg’s of CBD in each serving (1/2 dropper, 60 servings per bottle).

4000mg CBD Oil

CBD Oil Tinctures

The strongest cbd oil tincture on the marker today, 10,000 powerful mg’s per bottle.

One of the most effective and most popular ways to administer CBD oil is by dropping it under the tongue. Try to hold the oil under your tongue for as long as possible before swallowing in order to maximize the amount of CBD oil being absorbed directly into the bloodstream.

CBD oil drops that come in 2,000mg strength can end up being a great deal for most people, even if you don’t take the whole serving at once.

In this article, we’ll look at an overview of why people use CBD oil drops. The 2,000mg CBD oil tincture is definitely a high-strength product and not for everyone! Keep in mind, the 2,000mg CBD oil drops contain a total CBD content of 2,000mg. Each serving is 1mL in size, and has roughly 66mg of premium, CBD-rich hemp extract.

TLDR: 2,000MG CBD drops, or tinctures, are a high-strength CBD product that can help offer relief from things like inflammation, anxiety, joint pain, and many other symptoms. Furthermore, buying higher strength CBD products cuts on the overall cost if you use half the serving size.

Do the math. you’ll notice that biting the bullet and buying the 2,000mg premium CBD drops will save you money in the long run.

I would consider around a 50mg CBD serving as high-strength. You will likely run into 2,000mg CBD products. In a 30mL tincture form, this equals roughly 66mg of CBD per serving. That is definitely a high-strength CBD serving, if you’re asking me.

Body composition affects many types of consumable products, not just CBD. Our bodies metabolize things differently, that’s just how it is.