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absolute cbd hemp oil

No Preservatives, Additives, Colorings, Synthetics or Chemicals!

Our mission is simple, provide only the best all-natural, unadulterated whole-plant full-spectrum CBD products to enhance the quality of life for our family, friends and customers. We feel that in this current “wild west” that the CBD industry has become, everyone deserves the right to have access to clean, quality, safe and honest CBD products. No hiding behind purposely misleading jargon, hiding ingredients, selling cash grab products with no efficacy, to the use of potentially harmful ingredients. “That is not us, and never will be.” We chose ethics over profit, as such we offer a hugely popular assistance discounts program for those who need CBD most. Add to that our open and transparent publicly published independent reporting for our customers peace of mind. We do things right, and we promise to always do our our absolute best.

3rd party tested – Whole-Plant Extract – No prescription required

We absolutely stand by our CBD products quality and potential.

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Our ethos is to always provide all-natural, ecologically friendly, clean, 3rd party verified, accurately labeled premium quality CBD products to everyone.

Sourced from Organic Certified hemp and created using our Cold Press Extraction
Technique, The absolute is a Full-Spectrum hemp product. This means we keep each part of the plant in tact, so you’re getting all the healthiest aspects present in nature. The only ingredients are pure hemp extract and naturally occurring flavor.

Reconnecting with nature using organic, raw and directly sourced ingredients to give our wellbeing a natural boost, creating minimum impact on our environment. We promote sustainable lifestyles that are eco-friendly. Together we are creating a greener, safer future!

Our Scientific research Dept. created an Ultra Premium CBD oil The Absolute and ANMA CBD OIL, which is a full-spectrum medical hemp extract. From soil to oil – It’s under Nature Science controlled GMP certified Lab, we can ensure the high standard and quality for each patch of The Absolute CBD and ANMA CBD .

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The Cold Press method of extracting CBD oil from hemp is by far the most natural, the
most environmentally friendly, and results in a CBD oil that contains more elements of the hemp plant, in the ratios found in nature, for the best Entourage Effect.
It contains more elements of the hemp plant, like natural fats, vitamins, oils, nutrients, and phytonutrients, our product looks and tastes different than CBD oil from Alcohol or CO2 extraction.

we made unique approach to CBD oil production combines ancient Ayurvedic principles with cutting edge research and technology. Our Scientists team formulated an Ultra-Premium CBD oil that preserves the full Phyto complex of the plant, retaining the integrity of the terpenes, waxes, and flavonoids.

Full Spectrum Hemp Oil is 100% Cold Pressed means your getting much more than just an isolated, adulterated CBD Product. We squeeze the whole plant naturally releasing beneficial canabidiols, this includes CBD, CBG, CBG-A CBC, CBD-A, and depending on the strain 113 other all-natural major and minor Cannabinoids have been found.

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