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aspire breeze 2 cbd oil

The Pod – THIS is the feature which makes it easier than traditional E-liquid vaporizers, and what sets it apart from the original Aspire Breeze. The pod is essentially a removable tank. Do you like switch it up with different flavours or also vape nicotine E-liquids? This new feature allows you to carry multiple pods around with you. All you have to do is buy an additional pod. The removable pod also makes it easy to clean, fill and top up your tank as it’s so easily removed; just click the to locking latches on each side and it pops out.

Top Tips for using your Aspire Breeze 2:

Ease of use

The simple modular design makes it easy to understand and learn to use. It is made up of 5 major parts, but only 3 which you need to understand. Making it easy to set up and maintain. The 2 parts you will easily grasp are the mouthpiece and protective cap; they are simply for what their names say. The main three key components are the battery, the atomizer (sometimes referred to as the coil) and the pod.

The Battery – Is above average, with a 1000 Mah capacity in its small form factor, keeps you vaping longer (and charging less). With micro USB charging, it has the same charger which most android phones and other portable electronics already use. Making it easy to top up wherever you are, as you will most likely already have multiple of these cables lying about your home.

The Aspire Breeze 2 is a great versatile vape for CBD use. Due to it’s small discreet size, and smaller vape cloud production. you’ll easily be able to take the 1-2 puffs you need to dose your CBD and put it away in any pocket or bag for future use. It’s got a big battery

CBD oil side effects. A small number of consumers have reported CBD oil side effects such as:
• Dry Mouth
• Drowsiness and fatigue
• Changes in Appetite
• Changes in Mood
• Nausea

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