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best cannabis brands

Batenburg: Content creation is and always has been a challenge. Due to conflicting state and federal laws, advertising is not permitted in the same way as other industries. The most effective way to overcome the content creation challenge is to find creative and easy ways to have a constant flow of new material. We are fortunate enough to work with some amazing photographers on a contract basis, as well as receiving submissions from team members and The Clear Family of enthusiastic and loyal customers.

Context and an understanding of how the industry and products have evolved over the last three decades are also important. This knowledge helps us to predict and, at times, set trends by creating products that appeal to both the experienced and novice cannabis user. The combined five decades of industry experience that our two founders bring to product development, paired with our marketing and manufacturing teams from mostly non-cannabis backgrounds, have led to the creation of some of California’s most popular products like Hi-Fi Hops, a cannabis-infused beverage by ABX and Lagunitas.

Pih: Know your audience and speak to them where they are. There is great curiosity about cannabis and people are craving more knowledge so they can make educated decisions. Lean into data to learn about your audience, what they're interested in, and listen to what they have to say.

Green Entrepreneur spoke with Jake Heimark, CEO and Co-Founder of PLUS Products, who offers advice for other entrepreneurs in the competitive cannabis marketing space.

This approach has proven effective and is disruptive to the traditional sponsors of these events. While we were the first cannabis sponsors for most of the events and often invited in with trepidation, the reception has been so overwhelmingly positive that we have been invited back to sponsor many of the same events and more.

Our experience, expertise, and manufacturing capabilities all contribute to the popularity of AbsoluteXtracts, but at the end of the day, creating products that are effective, safe, and meet the needs of our customers is what makes the brand successful. The accompanying marketing efforts connect the dots from what consumers want and need to the solutions that we are creating through our products.

Rick Batenburg III: Although the vape crisis was damaging to the industry as a whole, we were able to educate the community and our products stood out because we have always followed the most rigorous safety standards; The Clear has never contained any of the ingredients that proved to be unsafe. The Clear has been sold since 2012 and we have never had safety issues with our products. As soon as the news broke about unsafe vapes, The Clear doubled down on marketing efforts and rose above as an industry leader.

Though copy and text play a major role, at its core branding is a language that transcends words. Good branding instantly telegraphs the essential information about a company, its mission, and how it will offer you value in your own life.

While there’s no single and simple formula for success in the cannabis world, you’ll pretty quickly recognize some common elements and themes at work. With that in mind, let’s take a look at the 25 most recognizable cannabis brands. They’re ranked not by popularity, but by buckets: Branding, Product, and Mission

25 Most Recognizable Cannabis Brands: Branding

With a focus on health, wellness and beauty, this CBD-only brand is all about comfort. We’re not talking about its product line here—though its gummies are indeed delicious, and contain the highest serving of CBD per serving on the market. Instead, the brand signals its accessibility and safety through simple but clever branding that recalls the design sense of classic 20th-century womens magazines. It’s a winning approach that’s earned the company high brand recognition.

Willie’s Reserve
Another clever use of an already recognizable name, this cannabis brand plays upon country great Willie Nelson’s ubiquity as a cannabis avatar. Like the Marley brand, the focus here isn’t really on individual strains, but on the artist’s generalized association with cannabis culture as a whole. Not that it’s stopped Willie’s Reserve—or the Willie’s Remedy line of hemp-infused coffees, teas and balms—from becoming one of America’s most recognizable cannabis brands.

Hip-hop giant Jay-Z lends his outsize presence to this premium line, but it may be the creative branding that truly sell it. From the numbered strains to the sleek black packaging, this truly feels like the Maybach of cannabis brands.