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blue moon cbd vape oil

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This CBD tincture consists of cold-pressed hemp oil , and Blue Moon uses high-speed emulsion and nano-technology to ensure the greatest level of bio-availability. We used the berry flavored low-strength bottle and were happy with the sweet taste. However, we would recommend the natural tasting option if you like the taste of hemp, or simply consume too many sweet things during the course of the day.

Blue Moon Hemp Complete Review

Read on for our in-depth Blue Moon Hemp Review, or visit their official site by following the link below. Use your WayOfLeaf coupon code at checkout to save 15%.

As always, we can only recommend buying it from the official Blue Moon Hemp website. If you are not happy with your purchase, you can get a full refund by returning the product(s) in question with the contents intact and unused. Unfortunately, it is NOT a money-back guarantee because the item(s) must be unopened, and all refunds are at the company’s discretion.

Blue Moon’s CBD Shatter contains 99.6% CBD and you get to 1 gram for $39. We recommend using it as an e-liquid because it works out being far cheaper!

The pure extract from the finest Hemp cultivars is refined with precision and efficiency. This is a “whole plant” extract which allows for all 60+ Cannabinoids and 400+ Phytonutrients to combine and provide maximum effect for your body.

Our proprietary process preserves the “entourage” effect while still removing all of the THC. This means no fails on drug screenings and no psycho-active effects. We use Plant Only Vegetable Glycerin and a Bio Based (Non-GMO Corn) Propylene Glycol (70/30) to provide the cleanest, purest and tastiest CBD Hemp Vape oil on the market today.

Ingredients : vegetable glycerin, propylene glycol, cbd, natural flavors

When I asked about the ingredients list, he simply told me, “The eblunt is 70mg with VG/PG oil and natural flavoring”

Both the website and the packaging are missing the following basic information:

Blue Moon Hemp’s mission is to destigmatize hemp and deliver accessible, affordable high-quality hemp products to everyone. The brand offers CBD infused E-liquids, tinctures, shatter, salves, gummies, and even a pet-friendly tincture.


2.5 / 5

When I spoke to the customer service representative on the live chat, he told me:

In the FAQ, Blue Moon Hemp says there’s no certification available for organic hemp, but its crops are grown in eco-friendly and organic farming practices.

According to the customer service agent, the E-Blunts with “70 mg [is] one of the strongest pens on the market.”