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buy high thc cbd oil

Type: Full Spectrum

Type: Broad Spectrum

Strength: 2,400 mg per 30 mL bottle (80 mg per dropperful)

Best Organic: NuLeaf Naturals

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Broad spectrum implies a greater level of control over the final outcome of the CBD tincture than full spectrum options. While some compounds have been removed, including traceable amounts of THC, broad spectrum products still maintain a broad range of cannabinoids and terpenes to enhance the formula and ensure you receive its benefits.

Type: Full Spectrum

Strength: 2,500 mg or 5,000 mg per 30 mL bottle (83 mg per dropperful and 167 mg per dropperful, respectively)

The CBD oil is suspended in MCT oil and carefully infused with natural terpenes to improve the synergy between the CBD component and other cannabinoids. Gold Bee’s CBD is obtained via a CO2 extraction process to create a pure form of CBD. The company uses organically grown hemp plants. Consumers can choose between two different flavors – kiwi and natural. Note that the kiwi flavor masks the earthy taste of hemp oil but is sweetened with honey.

CBD oil is derived from the hemp plant. It has numerous therapeutic benefits, and studies suggest that CBD may help ease the symptoms of various health conditions such as epilepsy, cancer, and anxiety. Most CBD oils contain trace amounts of THC, which is why they will not make you feel high. Remember, THC is the primary psychoactive cannabinoid in weed.

However, CBD affects each consumer differently. What feels strong to one consumer may not feel as potent to the next consumer. That’s particularly true if you are new to CBD oil. For individuals who are looking for relief, the highest-concentration CBD oil drops may be what they need to get the job done, particularly if they have not noticed significant effects with hemp products that have a low concentration of CBD.

#11. Gold Bee Full-Spectrum CBD Oil

Whether you are new to hemp products or are a seasoned CBD consumer, this CBDistillery full-spectrum CBD oil is perfect for everyday use. It delivers about 33mg of CBD compound per serving, which means you can start out with a serving or two if you want to get your recommended 30mg or 60mg of CBD daily.

CBD is legal in most parts of the country, but most manufacturers require consumers to be at least 18 years old to buy cannabis-related products.

Based on consumer reviews and testing data from a third-party independent lab, Floral Sophia Botanicals CBD oil supports healthy sleep cycles, helps alleviate symptoms of anxiety, and offers a broad range of therapeutic benefits. The company also offers special discounts for low-income households and veterans on an individual basis.

Based on consumer reviews and thorough testing by a third-party, ISO 17025-accredited lab, Charlotte’s Web CBD oil can help in stress management, support the sense of healthy focus, maintain healthy sleep cycles and support timely recovery from workout-induced inflammation.