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can i take cbd oil to spain

Brexit Changes

We have made this FAQ-style blog to aid you in your decision-making when it comes to your choice to either take or not take your CBD products when leaving home for a while.

Countries which you should not travel to with CBD oil include the following destinations: any countries from the Arab World like Dubai & Oman, South East Asia, so places like Thailand and Malaysia and Indonesia which are big tourist destinations. South Korea and Japan are also not advisable and the same can be said for taking cannabis products to the USA & Russia. It’s best not to take CBD oil with you unless you get specific assurances it is okay to do so. We think you should, no matter your destination take a moment to review your chosen products and the laws governing the destination and make an informed choice. Never assume you can travel indiscriminately outside the EU with CBD oil or cannabis products without doing your due diligence. Or inside the EU if products are not legal.

Yes, you can take CBD oils in your onboard hand luggage on a plane. As the majority of the items are 10ml, this is not an issue as it does not break the 100ml liquid flying limit. However, we do think for the peace of mind, that the product would be better off sealed, ready to open and use at your end destination. If this is not possible as you wish to use in on the plane, then make sure it’s in its plastic see-through bag anyway (to avoid spillage) and for easy inspection should it be required. Otherwise, CBD Patches are a great alternative to oil for ease of use.

How to pack your CBD Oil for travel abroad after Brexit Transition period ends?

You can fly from the United Kingdom to the European Union countries with the least hassle and fuss. Regular travel between the UK and the EU has resulted in almost friction-less travel and CBD oil is nothing new to the authorities which have more important things to worry about. If you are worried about going on your summer holidays then don’t be, flying with CBD oil and associated products is not a problem as long as the products are UK legal.

Yes, you can take CBD oils on a plane, both in the hand luggage for easy administration while flying and in the hold luggage if you’re not intending to use it until you reach your destination after the flight concludes. If you’re flying from UK based airports, then you can be sure CBD oils have been seen before and you will not be the first person to have or travel with them, if knowing that helps. Treat it as you would any food supplement you may take and travel with, but if you are going to one of the countries mentioned in the section further down the page, make sure you’re okay to land as flying from the UK with legal CBD is not an issue but landing in Dubai with it, for example, would be.

· Vaping CBD liquids or flowers in a vaporizer is an ideal way to get a quick effect. Large doses for relieving severe symptoms are easy to take this way.

The members of the European Parliament are mixing up marijuana and CBD hemp here. That CBD drugs from pharmacies should have an impact on the black market is a daring thesis. It is also interesting that the additional tax revenue is mentioned first.

· Before buying, consider a product’s Certificates of Analysis. Reputable providers provide you with this information.

· The CBD should always come from hemp plants that have been grown organically.

Take your CBD within Europe by car, bus or train.

Precisely because the legislation in many countries is not very clear, there is a possibility that customs officers will raise their eyebrows if they find CBD products in your luggage. When you hear the word hemp, you quickly think of illegal drugs. It is questionable whether all customs officers know the difference between THC and CBD oil and are fully aware of the legislation in force.

It makes CBD so interesting for all people with autoimmune diseases such as Hashimoto’s thyroiditis, rheumatoid arthritis and multiple sclerosis.

It’s also important to consider any countries where you might need to stop over too, not just your final destination. You might only be on their soil for a matter of minutes for a mad dash from one plane to another, but you could find yourself in serious trouble if what is in your bag is not on their tick list.

The issue with travelling carrying CBD oil isn’t that of taking it onto the plane and out of the UK but actually the legality of taking it into – or having it in your possession in – the country you are travelling to.

But it is wise to check the local laws and regulations at your destination and any stopovers along the way to ensure you’re not caught out.

What Countries Don’t Allow CBD Oil?

UK law allows you to travel with CBD oil in your hand luggage if it is less than 100ml or in your hold suitcase.

One of the more common questions we’ve seen asked around this is around travelling with CBD, with many people asking can you take CBD oil on a plane?

Despite being extracted from the variety of the cannabis plant known as hemp, the use of CBD does not create any kind of “high”, intoxicated feeling that is caused by another psychoactive element of the plant called tetrahydrocannabinol or THC.

Remember though, if you are carrying the CBD oil in your hand luggage it must be less than 100ml and be visible on your personage in a clear plastic bag, as per the rules for any liquid being taken through airport security. This will allow for a smooth airport experience and few hold-ups if you have prepared for this in advance.