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cannabis oil cost

Once you get your prescription from your GP, your local pharmacy can order the product on your behalf. Depending on where you live, the price may fluctuate, and delivery times can be unpredictable. We have also had patients being offered almost double the price of what another pharmacy would charge!

Also, it is important you choose the correct bottle for your needs. The products vary in concentration and cost per day.

The costs of repeat prescriptions from your GP can add up over time however.

1. Find a Willing and Experienced Doctor at an Affordable Price .

While claiming on ACC is also possible, unfortunately we have found them harder to deal with. The good news is that we are hoping this will change over time and with more work from the industry collaboratively, we can expect better results in the future.

TIP 1: It helps to have the right documentation and supporting letters from your doctor. We provide supporting letters to our patients, alongside filling out the relevant paperwork. This helps your case manager in approving your case.

Yes, please visit The Dispensary and register to learn more about CBD products available and their cost to purchase.

That’s why it is hard to find information online.

THC(8) is known to be less psychoactive than CBD. A higher ratio of CBD to THC can result in less psychoactive effects.

Each CBD oil product and brand is priced differently, but we can easily break down the cost per mg with some basic math.

You pay per milligram of cannabinoids per bottle

A doctor or an authorised prescriber can discuss the dosage required to treat your medical condition. Through this conversation, you will be able to understand how much CBD oil will cost you.

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In this example, we will take a quick look at the estimated cost of a small 10ml bottle of CBD oil.