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caviar gold cbd oil

Los Angeles, California–(Newsfile Corp. – July 6, 2021) – Caviar Gold is the World's Strongest Cannabis Brand, set above the rest because of the unique process used to infuse their products. Known for being the only true infused cannabis manufacturer in the country, Caviar Gold utilizes a top-secret proprietary patented infusion method. Caviar Gold is the original infused cannabis – often imitated, never duplicated; any other brand claiming to be "infused" on the market just cannot compare. This year, they partnered with Ice Cube to bring their customers and his fans the cannabis products they've been waiting for.

About Herbarium LA Cannabis Dispensary

Good Day and Fryday Kush are strains specially curated by Ice Cube and formulated by Cavi Mike of Caviar Gold. Sativa-dominant hybrid Good Day Kush promotes creativity and euphoria, while Indica dominant Fryday Kush helps with relaxation and stress relief. These featured strains are available in eighths and pre-rolls.

Herbarium launched the Caviar Gold x Ice Cube collaborative line in April of 2021, garnering immediate success. Good Day and FryDay Kush sold out so quickly, Herbarium has brought both strains back for the summer!

Caviar Gold, Cavi Cones, Cavi Moonrocks, Cavi Tea, Cavi Cream (a massage topical), Cavi Tincture (1000mg, Strawberry), THCA Diamonds, Vape Carts, and the exclusive Jay & Silent Bob celebrity strains are proven strong sellers at over 600 stores nationwide. The Fryday and Good Day pre-rolls are now available at a retail price of $21.88 +tax; eighths go for $64.97 +tax! Stop by Herbarium while supplies last!

I have to say that this is one of the best tasting buds I ever smoke amazing taste, and I have to give a commendation to KushFly for their amazing service and staff they’re the best. Keep on doing and outstanding job.

From the second you open the jar the aroma is so fruity apple and while medicating it’s easy to smoke and just as enjoyable because of the overwhelmingly amazing apple taste. Most times given the strength of it more than a bowl is plenty to be in a proper state of mind. Highly recommended. Highly effective. Highly delicious. Highly. Enjoy happy 420 to you all

21 reviews for Caviar Gold Flowers ( High THC&CBD )

Donica Miller – 02/04/2017

I decided to try something I don’t normally pick and I was pleasantly surprised. I thought that it smelled amazing but the high pay off wasn’t as good for me because I have a pretty high tolerance. Overall I really like this and I would definitely try it again.

Sort of reminds you of the good Columbian Red back in the day. Way better to vape it though, and whatever you do, DON’T use a grinder!