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cbd bath oil uk

Our body makes our own endogenous (from within) cannabinoids that help balance our health systems. There are even cannabinoids in the breast milk for newborn children which actually helps them thrive.

CBD and other legal compounds in the cannabis plant can have a wide range of interesting effects on your body and as a health food it is second to none.

Sadly this has led to a myriad of people wanting to get in on the act and make money from this compound that appears to be too good to be true.

Firstly, CBD is non psychoactive. In other words, it cannot get you high. This means you can drive whilst using it, operate heavy machinery and function effectively without any concern you are going to be ‘under the influence’.

Images of hippies, addicts, washed out tourists having a bad experience in Amsterdam and the list of negative images goes on often driven by vested interests who wish to keep cannabis illegal for their own gain, whether that is organised crime groups or organised pharmaceutical corporations.

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Our range includes CBD bath products – including CBD bath bombs and bath scrubs – from brands such as Privy Peach, Fresh Bombs and Diamond CBD. For information and advice on any of our products, please contact us at our UK store.

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