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Extracted from Colorado-grown hemp – which is generally far superior to EU hemp – this unique product from Aura CBD is a cut above the rest. It contains high concentrations of CBD along with CBG (a minimum of 2.5%) to make a more effective product.

Aura has decided to use MCT oil (from coconut) as the carrier oi. MCT is a highly absorbable oil that has been shown to aid weight loss, increase muscle mass and lower cholesterol. It is among those following a ketogenic diet.

Although interest in CBG is increasing, it’s still notoriously expensive to produce.

3. Organic CORE CBD Plus CBG 2500mg (25%)

A non-psychotropic compound, CBG shows promise as an antibacterial agent (it can even treat MRSA) and an anti-inflammatory – possibly more potent than CBD.

Hemp seed oil is used as the carrier oil, while the full-spectrum hemp extract also contains other naturally occurring cannabinoids and terpenes to provide the entourage effect.

Cannabinoids like CBD and CBG work together synergistically – along with the other minor cannabinoids, terpenes and flavonoids present in cannabis extract – to produce an effect that is bigger than is the sum parts were applied separately.

This is one the best CBG oil products in the UK thanks to its 1:1 ratio of CBD to CBG. A 10ml bottle contains a nice 500mg of each cannabinoid, as well as a range of minor cannabinoids and terpenes.

“Start low and slowly grow” is the key to starting your CBD journey. This will allow you to slowly build up your endocannabinoid system and fully realise your sweet spot. Your endocannabinoid system works on a bell curve and if you take too much at once then you can go over the curve and overload which could result in having the opposite effect of what you’re hoping to achieve.

Our Cannabigerol Oil is an excellent choice for regular CBD users who want to harness these additional benefits of CBG.

What is CBD?

A rich source of omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids, hemp seed oil, comes from the seeds of the plant.

If you’re new to CBD, we recommend that you start with a lower strength product and build up using our helpful information and recommended dosage build-ups.

When people hear that this product derives from the plant, the natural line of thinking is to assume it makes you get high.

This differs with each person, taking into account weight, height, and reasons for taking CBG.

Although a recent discovery, promising studies highlight its anti-inflammatory properties [1] and how CBG interacts directly with both of our CB1 and CB2 receptors [2] for a more powerful effect on the endocannabinoid system and its essential processes – mood, appetite, sleep and pain – vs CBD.

Why choose CBG instead of CBD?

Our Certificate of Analysis can be found here .

This is one of the main reasons CBG isn’t as popular as CBD right now. CBG concentration within hemp is very low compared to CBD, so much more biomass is needed to extract the same levels of the raw plant extract. This, plus the fact that crops have to be harvested earlier for increased CBG volumes, make it the most expensive cannabinoid to produce.

Simply use the pipette to place the desired number of drops under your tongue, leaving the oil for one minute before swallowing. Please remember – a drop is not the entire pipette, but a single droplet of liquid.