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CBN oil or capsules is just as easy as using CBD oil. In fact, many of the same CBD delivery mechanisms are available for CBN-infused products.

CBN (cannabinol) comes from the cannabis plant. Like the other cannabinoids, including CBD oil and CBG (cannabigerol), CBN has grown in popularity as a natural remedy. The main reason people are buying CBN products is to improve sleep quality. Online articles say a dropper of CBN oil is a natural sleep aid that can help replace some prescription medicines. But what do you need to know about the full spectrum wellness of this hemp extract?

Some products that contain CBN, like it’s cousins CBC and CBG, operate in a gray area. People who buy cannabis products as an anti-inflammatory, for glaucoma, or to boost their immune system are willing to operate in this space. While cannabis-derived CBN products are legal in states where recreational marijuana is legal, you may want to check your own state’s laws if you have questions about those products.

Best CBN Oils and Capsules to Buy

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That said, it’s mainly anecdotal evidence that suggests CBN provides better sleep. It’s important to remember there is a long way to go in studying the health benefits of cannabis, this isn’t medical advice, and these products are not approved by the FDA to cure any condition. Be sure to consult with your primary care physician before taking any dietary supplements.

CBN will interact with both receptors, though it more frequently binds with the CB2 receptor. It also causes a response in the naturally producing protein called the TPRV2 receptor, which is why the compound is responsible for combatting pain and inflammation and treating skin conditions.

If you want to avoid the taste of a full spectrum oil, softgels may be the way to go. These will take a bit longer to take effect, as your body has to process the pill, but if you schedule your dose properly you can get the same whole plant wellness without the natural taste that some people don’t enjoy.

This CBN:CBD Oil is a 1:1 broad-spectrum blend of equal parts cannabinol (CBN) and cannabidiol (CBD). It also has trace amounts of CBG, CBC, and CBDv with a focused terpene blend and no THC.

CBN and CBD operate differently within the body. CBN binds to both CB1 and CB2 receptors, a trait shared with THC, except CBN does not have the same level of intoxicating effects. CBD does not bind either CB1 or CB2 receptors but instead seems to alter the way in which other cannabinoids bind those receptors. So together these two cannabinoids can work synergistically to activate different receptors and produce different neurotransmissions and subsequently different effects than a high CBD extract, CBD isolate, or CBN isolate product.

How CBN:CBD Oil Works

Our CBN:CBD Oil also has a terpene blend with a high concentration of beta-caryophellene, a terpene that acts like a cannabinoid and binds CB2 receptors, as well as a range of other terpenes to help bring out the maximum potential effects of the cannabinoids.

CBN:CBD Oil is typically used for calming nighttime relief that our standard CBD extracts can’t fully solve. It can also be used by individuals looking to boost their standard CBD or THC treatments.

CBN:CBD Oil is a premium hemp extract used for calming nighttime relief that our standard CBD extracts can’t fully solve. CBN tinctures are often used by individuals looking to boost their standard CBD or THC treatments. It comes with a metered dropper for accurate dosing.

Dream Capsules are designed for deep restful sleep. They are formulated with a 1:1 ratio of CBN to CBD, organic dragonfruit, and vitamin B8. CBN is said to relieve anxiety and muscle tension and these capsules are a nice alternative to tinctures. They are THC-free and independently lab tested for quality and accuracy.

It has been said that cannabis can help for glaucoma. Is it true? When Israeli scientists set out to explore this claim in 2007, they found that CBN had a positive effect on OHT, or ocular hypertension. OHT is the most important risk factor for glaucoma. “THC, CBN, and nabilone were active in lowering intraocular pressure (IOP) in rabbits, while CBD was inactive”.

CBNight Tincture

Appetite stimulation
One of the more well-known effects of cannabis is referred to as “the munchies”. This is normally attributed to its THC content. However, a 2012 study shows potential for CBN to stimulate appetite, without the psychoactive consequences. According to the study, “This is the first time cannabinol (CBN) has been shown to increase feeding. Therefore, cannabinol could, in the future, provide an alternative to the currently used and psychotropic ∆9THC-based medicines since cannabinol is currently considered to be non-psychotropic.”

Relief and relaxation start with a good night’s sleep. This extra strength formula contains a specific 1:3 ratio for a total of 300 mg CBN and 900 mg CBD per 30 mL bottle.

Find your zen and unwind. Kat’s Naturals CBN concentrate is a sublingual tincture extracted from American-grown hemp. Each 5 mL bottle is packed with 100 mg of CBN for 1 mg per serving and formulated with organic MCT oil. Pair it with your favorite CBD tincture or use it alone as a natural sleep aid.