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cbd drip oil

“needs improvement in the customer service field… late in shipment, confusing in labeling.”

In this post, we take a closer review of CBD Drip. We explore its product range, consider if it is doing third-party testing on its products, and look at how much the items cost.

“Fast service, excellent quality. Tried others but have decided this is the best.”

Customer Reviews and Opinions

The company also distributes its products through a large number of resellers and local retailers, so you might be able to find CBD Drip products in a local store.

Something that customers seem to enjoy about CBD Drip brand is the fact that pricing starts at under $5. This is incredibly rare for CBD-based products.

Additionally, note that the company welcomes wholesale orders. If a business decides to buy CBD products in bulk, they are usually given a reduced price.

To give you an idea of what previous customers think about CBD Drip’s products, let’s consider a few of them:

CBD Drip CBD Vape Additive – Gold: 14.5 mg / bottle

CBD Drip products contain a whole plant extract in all of the brand’s products and are full-spectrum CBD products. There is an ever increasing number of CBD products available on the market and it can be a daunting task to try and distinguish one from another, let alone being able to clearly and concisely determine if you’re getting a quality or legal product. CBD Drip maintains a high level of accountability standards and dedicated quality control measures to ensure that the brand maintains the credibility and viability of the CBD industry.

CBD Drip CBD Vape Additive – Onyx: 140 mg / bottle

CBD Drip Ecocap CBD Capsules

CBD Drip was one of the market’s earliest CBD Vape Additives. CBD Drip Vape Additive harnesses CBD into a concentrated additive designed to be compatible with any type of vaping device. You can mix this CBD Vape Additive with your favorite e-liquid or add CBD Drip alone by itself into your drip mod or tank.

Strengths and needs vary by user and that is why CBD Drip engineered their CBD Vape Additive into three strengths ranging from Gold, Platinum, and Onyx. Although the product is intended for vaping, CBD Drip also utilizes only food grade ingredients in the manufacturing process allowing for the products to be safely ingested as well as inhaled.

CBD Drip CBD Vape Additive – Platinum: 58 mg / bottle

CBD Drip Rix Mix CBD Vape Additive offers larger strengths of CBD in greater size bottles including: