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cbd hemp oil and depression


If you would like to try an alternative that does not cause psychoactive effects or dependencies, you can choose CBD oil.

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Why Is CBD Oil A Good Alternative?

However, many people find that conventional medicines are not as effective for them. A lot of people suffering from anxiety and depression find other alternative medicine to help deal with their condition.

The research we will tackle in this section only talks about CBD products and not medical marijuana because medical marijuana has different components compared to CBD.

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Generally, it takes about 20 minutes for CBD to make its way to the bloodstream (though every person will react a little differently due to their individual biology, metabolism, and DNA, natch).

This is one of the great mysteries; the optimal CBD dose is not an exact science. Doctors say there isn’t one universal dosage of CBD because different people (and different animals, for that matter) respond to different dosages of CBD. What experts also agree on, however, is that CBD works best when taken on a regular basis (daily). And the best way to know what works for you is to start on a low dose and titrate up if needed. It may not take as long as for someone with mild symptoms to feel the effects as someone who is dealing with more severe anxiety or depression. The goal is to find the lowest, most effective dose, so work with your doctor and give yourself time to figure it out.

Matthew Mintz, M.D.

Chief Medical Officer at Yesterday Wellness and Integrative Medical Cannabis Physician; co-author of Cannabis and CBD for Health and Wellness; Board Member of American Academy of Cannabinoid Medicine

While the research and anecdotal evidence is promising, because CBD is unregulated, it’s difficult to study, and any given sample can differ from the next, which means it’s also tricky to determine just how effective it is. Factors like the severity of depression and anxiety, as well as genetics play a role. And the benefits aren’t universal either.

If you’re considering CBD, before you make a move, talk with your primary care physician or mental health provider. Remember, CBD is not a substitute for talk therapy or medication. It’s also not a magic cure-all and may work better for some people than for others.