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Cannabinoids are chemical compounds that act on cannabinoid receptors in cells that modulate the release of neurotransmitters in the brain. There are two types of cannabinoids: endocannabinoids which originate inside the body, and exogenous cannabinoids which arise outside of the body. 2-AG and anandamide are the two most significant endocannabinoids, while THC and CBD are examples of exogenous cannabinoids.

This guide is written for the layperson and provides relevant information and study references concerning CBD oil in general, with some specific context for those living in South Africa. Its purpose is to assist those looking for the best CBD option for themselves or others. For this purpose, we have kept medical and scientific jargon to a minimum and included explanations for the terms that we have used.

Cannabidiol (CBD)

Take liposomal CBD on its own or with a cold drink of your choice. There is no need to take sublingually, as this supplement is designed to be swallowed and pass through the digestive system.

The South African organisations governing medicines and substances in South Africa are the South African Department of Health, the Medicines Control Council and the South Africa Health Products Regulatory Authority.

CBD exhibits potent antioxidant, analgesic, anti-cancer, anti-inflammatory and anti-psychotic effects. It alleviates the cognitive decline associated with ageing, and it also reduces the risk of diabetes. For a more in-depth discussion on this topic, check out our article The Benefits of CBD Oil.

We aim to make it easy to shop CBD products online, wherever you are based, with free delivery to add even more convenience. Our range of CBD oil products caters to the needs of people and pets, with products ranging from our most popular Balance Broad Spectrum CBD oil , Active Isolate CBD oil , Discover Broad Spectrum CBD oil , Junior Isolate Flavoured CBD oil for kids and of course our ever popular Pets CBD oil range .

Whether you are looking for daily CBD drops for the whole family or specialised treatments designed to promote optimal health, our collection of CBD products has something for everyone.

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The benefits of cannabis and CBD in particular continue to be discovered as more studies are done. Hemp-derived CBD oil promotes healthy living from the inside out, with many benefits for overall well-being. Hemp extract is taken from the cannabis plant, and the THC – the compound responsible for the ‘high’ of cannabis – is removed. CBD oil taken orally as drops placed under the tongue or added to food, works as a powerful daily supplement. However it is taken, CBD gives a fast-acting effect that transports the goodness of cannabis straight into your system.

Offering a selection of CBD oil products for people and pets, africanpure celebrates the healing, nurturing powers of the hemp plant. Our range of products brings you everything you need for a healthy, happy life. Shop CBD oil online to enjoy products made the way that nature intended.

Browse our current range of CBD products to see what we have in store. If you are new to cannabis products and you are looking to expand your knowledge, you can also learn more about the benefits of hemp in our helpful CBD FAQs . Our CBD For Me section will help you understand more about the plant power you need for better sleep, focus and overall wellness.

Our top choice, when it comes to pure CBD oil from FtN, would have to be Cibdol CBD Oil . This is a Swiss, medical-grade CBD brand which is world-renowned for having some of the most rigorous manufacturing standards and regulations on their products, making them an incredibly trustworthy source.

African Pure CBD is South Africa’s favourite cannabis brand, with some of the best CBD South Africa has to offer. They launched in early 2019, with a small range of high-quality products. They have now expanded their range to include CBD for pets, everyday use, sports editions, and even a junior edition – for younger people who are looking for a milder concentration of CBD.

On the other hand, oil drops or capsules are great for sleep or pain, as you can simply swallow them and wait for the relief to set in after 30-90 minutes (this all depends on the individual).

Goodleaf CBD Oil

By this point we’ve covered just about all that you should know when looking for CBD oil in South Africa. For the last few pointers we can think of, make sure that you know the effects and uses of CBD for different purposes.

Picking the right Pure CBD Oil for you, after you’ve found a reliable brand and product, is pretty easy. If you’re looking for instant relief, you’re probably going to either need a high CBD strain of flower, or CBD Vape Juice.

Koi CBD is one of America’s most trusted, long-standing CBD brands. They have a wide range of products all designed for different applications (such as topical/external use, gummies, lotions, oils, etc.).

Their main range consists of a group of double-use Koi CBD Vape Juices , which are also perfectly edible, meaning you can either choose to take them as an oil, or use them in your e-cigarette. You can find Koi CBD products for sale over at CBDStore, who are one of their official South African stockists.