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cbd massage oil las vegas

New options at luxury spas in the U.S. are CBD-infused treatments. Beyond just a trend, noted several research studies that supported CBD’s long-reputed anti-inflammatory claims, especially when derived from trusted and tested, whole plant sources in products typically labeled “full-spectrum.”

So, whether you need rehab after too much sun, or you’re a mom and the kids are home for the next couple of months, or you just deserve a super luxe self-care treat–what could be more awesome than a CBD-infused spa day?

Hemp plants, which are sourced for CBD oil, also have antiseptic and antibacterial benefits that can help soothe acne-prone and sun burnt skin. Hemp oil also contains natural Omega-3 and -6 fatty acids that help moisturize skin, making it a natural addition to massage oil and lotion blends.

Many this summer will set off in search of exotic places and chill spaces because it’s time for fun in the sun. It’s also time for skincare, waxing, facials, manis and pedis, and all the good spa stuff that gets one swimsuit- and sandals-ready.

These five spas take the health and wellness lifestyle to the next level–elevated with CBD, and without the high:

Our uniquely synergistic all-natural blend is formulated with [broad-spectrum] hemp CBD to support your pleasure and sexual wellness. It is decidedly sexier without parabens, phthalates, artificial fragrance, alcohol, and petroleum.

Product texture: light-weight oil

Aroma: floral, musky

Key Ingredients

What should I expect?

The cannabinoids will provide the enhancement and increased stimulation to the nerves and blood vessels, and the coconut oil delivers gentle, moisturizing benefits with natural antioxidants and quick absorption. Although it is being sold as a sensual oil, you can apply it anywhere your skin needs some TLC.

(Courtesy of Evergreen Organix)

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The carefully crafted and hand-made topicals made by one of Nevada’s best edibles company, Evergreen Organix, range from lip balms to sunscreen, as well as products blended specifically for intimacy and massage.

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As a yoga teacher, I can affirm that cannabis enhances sensation, releases tension and stimulates blood flow within the body. These effects are why yoga and mindful movement pairs so nicely with cannabis. They’re also why cannabis can heighten your sexual experience. More research needs to be done, but all signs indicate that the secret to having more more frequent and more satisfying sex lies in cannabis.