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cbd oil 20

Shake well before use. For optimal absorption, we recommend placing the drops directly under the tongue. After 1-2 minutes swallow the remaining product. Since CBD is a fat-soluble molecule, it is advisable to combine its ingestion with appropriate fatty foods. Foods such as butter, milk, cheese, fatty plant milk or nuts activate the body’s fat-digesting enzymes and enable the CBD to be absorbed more easily. You can also add the oil to your food, but the effect will be somewhat delayed.

Our 20% CBD oil contains the full range of natural cannabinoids. Through a gentle process of CO2 extraction, the valuable cannabinoids and terpenes of the hemp plant (cannabis sativa) are kept intact, thus obtaining a full spectrum of natural cannabinoids. Certified hemp plants are grown organically, making our CBD oil GMO-free. In addition, our oil is gluten-free and contain no artificial preservatives or colourants. All of our CBD oils are vegan and contain no animal traces.

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The product must not be used during pregnancy or breastfeeding. Keep out of the reach of children.

Please note that this product may interact with certain medications and psychotropic drugs. For detailed information, please contact your doctor or pharmacist. The provided contents serve exclusively for information and further education and do not replace in any case a medical consultation by a doctor or pharmacist. Our texts do not serve for independent diagnosis and treatment of diseases.

THE20% CBD oil full spectrum (full spectrum) proposed by Weedy is a organic natural vegetable oil extracted from seedlings of french industrial hemp. With its 20% cannabidiol (CBD) and its natural richness in cannabigerol (CBG), it is one of the purest and most powerful on the market. Exceptional quality to match easy to use products. Most ? A fast and discreet delivery, in all legality.

Our “Hemp Oil” are thus perfectly respectful of European law. This is one of the great advantages of the “legal” full spectrum, more commonly referred to as broad spectrum (broad spectrum). The finished product indeed offers all the advantages associated with the consumption of light cannabis, while getting rid of certain disadvantages attributed to the plant in its wild state.


CBD oils consist of a mixture of CBD 99% pure extracted from cannabis plants (stems and seeds) and a vegetable oil base. This 20% CBD oil offered by Weedy is essential, with its high content of cannabidiol, as one of the most intense available. Beyond its power, the emphasis is on quality of finished product, guaranteed GMO and heavy metals free. CBD oil 20% Weedy is indeed extracted from organic industrial hemp, the varieties of which are carefully selected. They are then cultivated in France according to the specifications of theorganic farming, for the respect of nature and the health of our customers.

The vegetable nature of 20% CBD oil makes it photosensitive, so it’s better to keep away from light. It is also sensitive to heat. So remember to keep your CBD oil 20% in a dry and cool place. You will be able to benefit for a long time from its soothing effects.

Weedy always provide the latest analysis results available products offered for sale. We put quality at the forefront and communicate transparently with our customers. By certifying theAbsence of THC in our 20% CBD oil, we assure you the purchase of a product without hovering effect, which is obviously not addicting.