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cbd oil and cancer in dogs

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Cannabidiol or CBD is not a psychoactive compound, so it doesn’t produce a “high” like THC. CBD has been used as a therapy for a variety of conditions [8] including pain management, anxiety relief, arthritis pain, and even seizures. Though the use of CBD for treating these conditions is still under-researched, there are small studies and anecdotal evidence to support each.

20% Off Coupon: “healthcanal”

CBD or Cannabidiol is one of the better-known cannabinoids,or natural compounds that occur in the Cannabis Sativa plant. CBD oiltypically comes from the hemp plant. Once harvested, the CBD isextracted and mixed with an oil to result in the consistency you see inproducts today.

CBD use for dogs,likehumans, poses minimal risk. The biggest risks that do exist stem fromthe lack of regulation surrounding CBD products. Due to the lackof regulation, there are some products on the market that havenot undergone adequate testing and not only contain negligible quantitiesof CBD, also contain higher levels of THC than you may expect. Useof these products may lead to THC toxicity in your dog. Essentially,they may get “high”.

CBD Oil Vs. Cannabis Oil

Like for humans, CBD and hemp oilshavelong been used in traditional communities to treat pain indogs resulting from a range of illnesses including cancer andmuscular injuries.

By interacting with the dog’sendocannabinoid system, the CBD can help to effectively manage manydifferent types of pain. For this reason, CBD is growing in popularity asa tool to improve the quality of life in dogs or as a dual treatmentmethod with more traditional therapies.

Unlike Tetrahydrocannabinol(THC), CBD is not psychoactive, meaning it doesn’t result in thedistinctive ‘high’ that most people associate with marijuana. For thisreason, as well as its ability to provide natural relief from a wholehost of pain and anxiety disorders, CBD is growing in popularity aroundthe world.

To understand how CBD affects cancer, it’s important to first understand a process known as apoptosis, or natural cell death. Apoptosis is a completely natural process wherein cells that are damaged, or no longer useful, die . Cancer cells do not die on their own ; they do not undergo apoptosis. Which is why they are able to continuously spread unless we do something to stop them.

It’s been eight months and my 8-year-old, Nina is thriving on a strict regimen including a Full Spectrum Hemp Extract , Full Cannabis extract with high THC, mushrooms , and diet. She’s already breaking records, and because of this, I want to share what I did with you.

Benefits of CBD Oil For Dogs With Cancer

For cancer, we recommend our HEAL tincture, which has 1100 mg of full spectrum hemp extract (CBD). For external tumors, we recommend our REMEDY salve 150 mg full spectrum hemp extract (CBD).

The first thing to do is s pend some time determining the dosage that will be most effective for your pet. Despite common misconceptions, dosing CBD has very little to do with your dog’s size and weight. Dosage is most effectively determined with consideration for each animal’s unique physiological condition. This includes characteristics such as their endocannabinoid system , age, metabolism, disease process, current ailments and other individual health factors.

That’s why the endocannabinoid system is so critical in the body. Every mammal has an endocannabinoid system ; us, your dog, your cat, even lions and tigers and bears, oh my. The endocannabinoid system’s purpose is to bring the body back to balance .