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Green Roads CBD coffee isn’t cheap. It costs $39.99 for an 8-ounce bag. But it is high-quality stuff that is certified as organic and sustainably sourced. The notes of caramel, vanilla, and chocolate informing this Colombian coffee will have your taste buds buzzing long before the caffeine and cannabidiol kick in. Each properly brewed cup (two tablespoons grounds, six ounces of water) packs 31.2 milligrams of CBD.

CBD, on the other hand, takes from 30 minutes to an hour to present itself when ingested (vaping gets the substance into your system much faster, as does oil under the tongue), and will have an influence on most people for about six hours. So CBD and coffee are a great match in terms of timing. To help you get that energy without jitters, here are the best CBD coffee brands.

Best CBD Coffee Brands

Buddha Beans offers coffee from three different growing regions: Colombia, Mexico, and Ethiopia. The last of these is a great choice if you like a bit more bite and acidity in the taste of your job, and all three varieties are a great choice for the person who wants whole bean or ground coffee infused with non-GMO CBD extracted from American grown hemp.

CBD-infused drinks are of the fastest-growing products in the cannabis sector, with coffee shops from Brooklyn to Portland rushing to get more and more infused lattes, mochas, and chai blends onto the chalkboards perched outside their doors. CBD coffee is also making huge inroads into the brew-at-home marketplace, with myriad companies offering the stuff in pods, as ground coffee, and even as whole beans.

Roasted in Colorado by an award-winning roaster, Sträva offers up four different varieties of whole bean coffee with varying levels of CBD. You choose from Focus (30 mg), Restore (120mg), Elevate (240mg), or Escape Decaf (60mg).

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Their CBD extracts are produced from American grown hemp, sourced with the same exacting standards as the coffee beans. Because they purchase only the best hemp for each batch, every production run has a unique profile of cannabinoids.

The 9 Best CBD Coffee Brands in 2021

It goes by the fancy scientific name of “nano emulsification,” but all you need to know is that it makes the CBD far easier for your body to absorb (4). So although each serving of O.G. Cali Daze contains only 7 mg of this “Nano CBD,” it will feel more like 35 mg of a competitor’s CBD per serving.

First of all, it’s inexpensive. And not only is it affordable, but it also comes with a pretty substantial dose of CBD, a full 25 mg per serving!

In short, this type of CBD is more than the sum of its parts.