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cbd oil constipation


What I love about the Gold Bee CBD oil is that they contain honey, which is perfect to mix with my morning water infused with lime juice. It’s a great way to help with stomach pain and constipation, especially with the high-strength option, which delivers 80 mg of full-spectrum CBD in every milliliter

What I Like About Gold Bee:

CBD is known for its powerful range of health benefits because it’s a chief modulator of the endocannabinoid system.

You can choose between different laxatives or stool-softeners that might help move things along. However, the problem with these products is that they sometimes can lead to moving on too quickly — resulting in diarrhea instead.

Moreover, laxatives can also end up worsening your constipation. At first glance, they’re harmless and easily accessible as somewhat of a quick turn-off-the-symptoms solution. Some days they help, but another day they just make things worse instead.

Hippocrates was absolutely right when he said that “all diseases begin in the gut.”

Your gut is where the largest percentage of your microbiome lives. These trillions of organisms consist of parasites, bacteria, eukaryotic parasites, protozoa, archaea, and fungi. The microbiome determines your overall health to a greater percentage. According to a study done at Harvard, microbiota excites our immune system, synthesizes some vitamins, and breaks down toxic food compounds. From the study, it is evident that your gut and mental health have a characteristically strong bond. In fact, other research has shown that PTSD patients have low levels of certain types of gut bacteria.

Why Your Gut Is Important

However, if the above strategies don’t alleviate the problem, your doctor may ask you to take some medical marijuana. This is especially true if you have severe gut issues such as Crohn’s disease (characterized by watery stool) and chronic constipation (extremely hard stool).

, and a range of neurological conditions. Other possible causes are menstruation or a diet that’s low in fiber.

You know you have chronic constipation if you have fewer than four bowel movements per week, and you have to strain to expunge them more than 25% of the time. There are many causes of constipation, including irritable bowel syndrome (IBS), stress, and a range of neurological conditions. Other possible causes are menstruation or a diet that’s low in fiber.

The only way you can tell that the product does have real CBD in it is through a lab-test. A third party lab test shows how much CBD the product has, and it’s free from impurities such as heavy metals.

CBD oil interacts with the cannabinoids all around the body, including the gut. It doesn’t get rid of constipation completely. It helps with the symptoms mostly. Other factors have to be addressed before relying solely on CBD oil. Such as diet, stress, and other lifestyle factors.

Did you know that 65% of the human population is lactose intolerant? If you eat high amounts of dairy, you may want to consider cutting it out from your diet. This could be the cause of your constipation.

Can CBD oil cause constipation

Psychosomatic factors like stress are what cause irregular bowel movements.

If you have chronic constipation, you may want to see a doctor. However, if you experience mild constipation, you can address the following before thinking about taking CBD oil.

As CBD oil comes from cannabis, these receptors get activated, and we experience the effects of CBD. The main impact is general well-being and promoting homeostasis within the body.

Constipation can be debilitating, especially during a task that requires concentration, and it can also affect your mood.