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Recovery from exercise-induced inflammation*

Our premium hemp extract with CBD is designed to help:

Common Questions

Included below is a breakdown of all of our products:

Hemp extract and cannabidiol (CBD) are different. To further explain, full-spectrum hemp extract is a concentrated form of the hemp plant and has all the components it had, in a concentrated form. CBD is one component of the hemp plant known as a phytocannabinoid. Our Charlotte’s Web proprietary hemp is naturally high in CBD. For example, our Original Formula has approximately 86 mg of hemp extract per mL. Of the 86 mg of hemp extract, we guarantee that at least 50 mg is CBD per 1 mL.

Manage everyday stresses*

All company products contain something called Charlotte’s Web Hemp Extract, which is a formula created by CW Botanicals. That’s the same formula that was used to treat the seizures of a young epileptic patient named Charlotte.

The company specializes in creating hemp oil products that follow the FDA’s current Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) while also “putting in place the quality control systems necessary to provide the highest quality hemp products available on the market.”

CW Botanicals Products

— Charlotte’s Web Hemp Extract – Mint Chocolate MCT Oil 5000mg CBD ($274.99): This is the highest-powered hemp extract sold by CW Botanicals, clocking in at 5000mg of CBD in each 100mL bottle. Once again, this CBD is combined with MCT oil, or fractionated coconut oil.

— Charlotte’s Web Hemp Extract – Olive Oil 5000mg CBD ($274.99): This olive oil supplement contains 5000mg of CBD extract in each bottle along with the terpenes and phytochemicals found in other Charlotte’s Web Hemp Extract products. Each bottle is 100mL.

All product listings come with complete ingredient information and, where applicable, nutritional information.