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The company first does a cold extraction, which means that the resulting oil is the raw oil of the plant, which is then immediately frozen with the quick free process, thereby ensuring that all the nutrients are preserved and customers can get the most out of their CBD supplements. These types of capsules, powder, and tablets are a great way to achieve the best result and health benefits, as they come packed with other vitamins and magnesium, which is extremely important for the normal functions of our bodies.

This is an online store to ensure that customers get the best quality CBD oil for their requirements. The site ensures that there is raw organic hemp oil, as well, as the decarboxylated (heated) version. Customers can enjoy a fast service with the top quality CBD oil in Denmark, which has various benefits over long term use.

There are a variety of ways to extract the compound, cannabidiol, and various companies use different methods to extract the beneficial compounds for use. CBD oil accounts for at least 40% of the extracts; CBD oil is the secondary compound, after THC.

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Medicinal cannabis pilot program has been effective since 1 January 2018; it gives doctors a certain level of freedom to prescribe cannabis alternatives such as herbal teas and oils. The Act is effective for a period of four years, after which it shall be reviewed for its effectiveness in treating patients.

Decarboxylated is the most common type of CBD oil in Denmark, and at other locations, which essentially states the extraction method of the oil. In short, it is known as decarb CBD oil, it is easier for absorption into our system. THC is also present after the decarboxylation, although in trace amounts which are negligible It is prudent to note that decarb oil can also remove many beneficial compounds unless it is achieved through very low temperatures during the process.

To understand exactly what CBD and THC are, one must first understand, that the first is chemical, derived from the hemp or marijua,32na plant, without the psychoactive compound present, which means that it doesn’t get one high; the second one is also derived from the same plant but is the main psychoactive chemical that is usually used to get high. These are the two main derivatives of the plant, frequently used by us, for medicinal purposes.

With intensive research and studies conducted, it is been proven that CBD oil has a various beneficial effect on patients; commonly prescribed as a natural painkiller, CBD oil without THC, or with negligible THC, (less than 0.2%) has many benefits, and some of the main ones are briefly discussed below.

If the question concerns cannabis oil for medicinal use, then the answer is no. Cannabis oil for medicinal use can only be sold legally from a pharmacy and only to a patient who has been issued a prescription from a doctor.

What types of cannabis products are available in Denmark?

In any case, illegal medicines can be impure, incorrectly dosed and incorrectly labelled. Medicines that you buy on the illegal market are not safe, and therefore the Danish Medicines Agency advises strongly against buying illegal medicines.

Medicines dispensed according to a compassionate use permit

No. In Denmark, no cannabis products have been authorised for horses, dogs, cats or any other animal.

Only neurologists are allowed to prescribe Sativex.

What will it take for more cannabis products to be authorised as medicines?

What doctors have permission to prescribe medicinal cannabis?