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Dischem Pharmacies stock a number of cannabis and hemp-based products on their shelves, such as CBD Oils food supplements, topical tinctures, oral tinctures, and massage oils.

They also sell some specialist items such as hemp protein supplements and body washes and are a quality cannabis-based health product provider in South Africa.

CBD oil Dischem price:

Unfortunately, we have not tried Dischem CBD oils yet since our favourite online dispensaries all offer a wide range of CBD products.

Dis-chem is one of South Africa’s oldest and most well-loved Pharmacy chains, and among the first to begin stocking cannabis and hemp-based products.

Dischem Sells Releaf CBD Oil starting at R500 as Dischem, as well as Re:think for the same price. The dosages start at 400mg which makes them low-cost and great for first-time users. Elixinol and Cannabex start a little higher, at R700.

CBD has taken off in South Africa, showing up in everything from pizzas to beer. Clicks says since October brands such as Elixinol, Rethink and Cannabex are available in 92 stores nationwide, with wider product assortments online.

If your store does stock them, they can be found in the the general area of the homeopathic goods aisles.

Here’s what we found out:

Both Clicks and Dis-Chem said it was too early to determine how well the products are selling.

“All the CBD products listed with Clicks are manufactured in good manufacturing practice facilities, use proper methods of extraction and distillation and have provided verified safety certification,” said Rachel Wrigglesworth, Clicks Chief Commercial Officer.

Business Insider South Africa found a variety of brands in select stores in Johannesburg and Cape Town with prices starting at R295 and hitting R695,00 for 15ml tinctures containing varied strengths of CBD oil.

Since the combined effect of all but one cannabinoid still encourages the benefits of the Entourage Effect, you’ll get a higher therapeutic value without any THC being involved.

There are many places now selling CBD oil in South Africa. You can even find it in the nation’s largest health stores. Dischem stocks a variety of CBD oil products ranging in price, dose and cannabinoid spectrum.

When the cannabidiol molecules are extracted from hemp and separated from the other cannabinoids, it is referred to as a CBD isolate. We suggest starting with a lower dose such as this one in order to gradually introduce CBD to your system in order to monitor the effects.

Cannabex CBD Oil

Here are some of the best products available in Dischem stores and on their website.

As there is limited product information on their site, we’ve put together this brief list of their top products and brands. We’ve also included a few honourable mentions from a few products that aren’t in Dischem’s shelves.

Cannbex 450mg CBD Oil is Dischem’s premium CBD product available. The product’s cost reflects the high manufacturing standard. It’s on the stronger of the concentration spectrum in its field.

Dischem’s range of CBD oil includes multiple concentrations at varying prices. Starting at R300, you’ll get 100mg of CBD isolate drops which are a great beginner option. Thereafter, products range between R400 – R1 000.