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cbd oil for cerebral palsy

With no known cure, the best that any treatment can do is reduce the impact of symptoms and help the individual live a normal and independent life. Typical treatments include:

The Wolfson Medical Center study was extremely important because, until that point, there was relatively little data on CBD’s effect on cerebral palsy. A survey by Adam Hirsh et al., published in the March 2012 edition of the American Journal of Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation, found that cannabis provided the best relief for CP patients compared to several other medications.

Traditional Treatments for Cerebral Palsy

Within four months, there was a noticeable improvement in their condition. Blumkin asserts that the biggest positive change was in motor function. Other benefits included less pain and an improvement in quality of life and sleep.

This form of cerebral palsy involves uncontrolled movement. The cause is damage to the basal ganglia or cerebellum in the brain. The former regulates voluntary motor function and eye movements, while the cerebellum controls coordination and balance. Symptoms include:

Research from 2012 found that cannabis provided the best relief for CP patients compared to several other medications.

The treatments of cerebral palsy range from physiotherapy to botox injections to oral muscle relaxants and surgical procedures.

A study posted in the journal Therapeutic Advances in Neurological Disorders has shown that CB1 receptors in the central nervous system are targets that can trigger antispastic effects. The authors concluded that cannabinoid-based treatments might potentially improve the signaling of these targets .

Does CBD Oil Help With Cerebral Palsy?

The best and the most straightforward way to take CBD oil for cerebral palsy is through sublingual use (under the tongue).

If you are concerned about the trace amounts of THC in your CBD oil, you may opt for a broad-spectrum extract. It doesn’t contain any THC but still offers the other valuable compounds from hemp.

Consult your doctor before buying CBD oil for cerebral palsy for professional guidance and tips on using CBD to avoid negative interactions with other medications and supplements.

“Three months ago she could barely string sentences together, she was having meltdowns, she was wetting the bed. She doesn’t wet the bed anymore.

Lilly has been taking CBD oil orally for two months now and Ange says it’s made a “massive difference”.

CBD oil: A mum has hailed the product after seeing a difference in her daughter with cerebral palsy (Image: ANGE HUDD/GETTY)

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“She was having a lot of tonic-clonic seizures [a type of epileptic seizure]. She hasn’t had one for a long time now.

“I give it to her every day.” said Ange. “I give her two drops in the morning and about four drops at night, every day, and it really, really relaxes her. She’s got such increased muscle tone so it really relaxes her muscle tone a lot – within seven minutes.

She told: “A friend of mine mentioned CBD to me and looked at him blankly. I said ‘what on earth are you talking about?’ I knew about cannabis but not about the CBD side of it. I then went home and did a lot of research around it and watched documentaries online. “

As the cannabis industry has developed, more studies have been conducted showing the potential use of CBD oil for medicinal purposes.