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cbd oil for dogs veterinarian

Crafted specifically for pets, our signature, veterinarian-formulated CBD oil is made with premium ingredients and triple-tested to ensure the utmost quality, safety and potency.

We believe your pet should have access to the purest, most effective supplements designed to support their wellness. It is with this mantra our founder, veterinarian Dr. Tim Shu combined his veterinary expertise with his medical cannabis and hemp knowledge to craft full-spectrum CBD products to help your pet live their best life.

Use it to support joint mobility, maintain calmness, support normal brain function, and support healthy GI.

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The plant associated with CBD oil contains compounds that interact with receptors to help your dog’s immune system, nervous system, and endocannabinoid systems naturally.

Despite these obstacles, many vets have seen first-hand the benefits of CBD in their practice. This is what they say.

Getting the word out about the benefits of CBD for pets is a necessity. To those who have studied cannabis, we are aware of the insane health benefits cannabis has to offer. We are also aware of how many ailments can be treated by one plant. This plant is powerful enough to wipe away many pharmaceutical medications, but the fear of the unknown stops people in their tracks.

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To add to the benefits, CBD oil contains the right amount of Omega-3 and Omega-6 fatty acids (usually found in fish oil, but CBD oil has the perfect balance of both).

"We were sold on CBD products after a long-time client of ours whose doggie is always full of strange wart-like spots on his buddy that we have never truly been able to get rid of began using CBD salve," says Dr. Rowan. "After one week of application, the spots changed shape and flattened. A couple of weeks later following continued use, the spots were gone.”

Like many veterinarians, Lauren Beaird, DVM, began her career as a "very traditional practicing veterinarian, where I was not comfortable recommending anything outside of the standard western medical treatments," she says. When clients inquired about CBD, "I could not answer their questions and guide them to helpful answers. It certainly took some time and effort to educate myself on the use of properly sourced, extracted, organic full-spectrum hemp oil for pets. Through some trial and error, I realized that not all products are created equal. It is so important to know the company and its quality control standards.”

Fear of recommending CBD because it was previously listed as illegal.