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cbd oil for eyelash growth

It may have been a placebo effect because your eyelashes will naturally grow back anyway, but it worked. But the true magic of this story, the prince that rode in on horseback to save my lashes, is this mascara from Milk Makeup.

Despite having perfectly fine eyelashes to begin with, I decided to put myself through the time-consuming, expensive process of having mink extensions diligently suctioned to my lids.

I did what anyone would do in my condition: I went to Google for answers. I read traumatising accounts of women who had accidentally plucked their whole lash lines out while using curlers in the back seats of speeding taxis, followed by stories of women with trichotillomania desperate for re-growth.

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I’m not saying I didn’t enjoy the doe-eyed effect, but having extensions for a mere two months virtually destroyed the natural follicles of my own lashes. Once I said goodbye to my last stint of semi-permanent falsies, I felt like a Baby Born doll. Eyes almost completely devoid of my former lashes, my lids were almost as naked as the day I was born.

Purporting to nourish the lashes, deliver thickness without fallout, and come off without irritation, Kush Mascara had all the makings of my dream product.

CBD oil has undoubtedly been the most buzzed-about phenomenon of the year in both the beauty and wellness industries. I’ll admit, I was sceptical of putting something I associate with smoking joints right near my EYE, but Milk Makeup is a brand I know and trust (I sometimes write freelance pieces for them!) and after all, what beauty writer doesn’t like to experiment with the latest innovative ingredients. (FYI, this is not sponsored content. I bought the mascara myself!)

Beauty experts link it to eyelash growth in the past. They say that a continuous application of it would lead to a growth of the eyelashes.

cbd oil for eyelash growth

Oils such as olive oil, coconut oil, and juniper oil should be applied on the lashes regularly. They contain the right amount of vitamins and minerals that the lashes need to grow. They should be applied to the lashes at least twice a day. They should be applied before bedtime so that the oils could easily penetrate and stimulate hair growth.


Most people say the most attractive thing about a woman’s face is her eyes. What they don’t know is that what makes the eyes attractive are the lashes that accompany those eyes. It means that, the longer the lashes, the prettier the eyes and the prettier the eyes, the prettier the eyes.

After seeing all the negative side effects, we put it to you that it is better to grow and rock your natural lashes. If you want to do this, there are various means and the include the following;

All of the procedures above may give you your desired result, but it would take time to achieve the results you desire. To achieve the result you desire in a very short period, consider the option below;

The kind of food that you eat also play an important role. Foods such as salmon fish, eggs and beans also play a role in how healthy your lashes become.