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cbd oil for fear of flying

But taking CBD to ease travel anxiety comes with its own set of challenges. Since the possession of marijuana and cannabis-infused products, such as CBD oil, chews, or serum, is illegal under federal law, it is technically not legal to fly with those products — even if travelers depart from an airport in a state in which such cannabis extracts are legal.

Dr. Mary Clifton, an internal medicine doctor in New York City, said she did not believe there were data around CBD and travel anxiety and fear of flying specifically, but said there is data that shows its promise to managing anxiety, PTSD, and difficulty sleeping. The F.D.A. has only approved one drug with CBD, which is for reducing seizures in children with two forms of epilepsy.

She said that TSA security officers do not generally search for marijuana or other illegal drugs. “In the event a substance that appears to be marijuana or cannabis infused product is observed during security screening, TSA will refer the matter to a law enforcement officer,” she clarified. What happens then is up to local law enforcement and dependent on state law.

Before using the CBD serum, Lewis said she would have a drink before flying to calm her nerves. Now, she takes the CBD serum before leaving for the airport, and takes an Uber or Lyft. She said when she usually can start to feel the effects while in transit to the airport.

Within two weeks of trying the CBD tincture, she says she felt a difference in her overall anxiety level.

“I started taking a lot anti-anxiety medications just to get to my destination and eventually quit traveling all together,” she said. “I did not fly for a span of seven years.”

Air travel in the post–9/11 era was fraught with anxiety, and a concomitant pharmaceutical remedy for said anxiety: benzodiazepines, often prescribed by doctors for those who had a fear of flying. Recently, anxious travelers have been turning to a new, natural alternative: Cannabidiol, also known as CBD, which is a chemical in the cannabis plant that reputedly makes users feel more relaxed without the psychoactive effects of marijuana’s other chemicals.

The truth is that scientists have not yet conducted enough research to prove anything. Before the general public can consider CBD to be an official treatment or cure for anything, it must be verified through rigorous testing and lots of studies.

Moreover, we assure you that our products are h of high quality. It’s not just our quality assurance promise that guarantees this. The state mandates it as well.

However, irrational as they may be, the fears feel very powerful to the person experiencing the fear response. In many cases, it seems like the fearful person can do nothing about it. If they don’t know what causes it, it’s hard to figure out how to resolve it.

How Does CBD Affect Anxiety?

However, it seems that every time science collects a little more information on what CBD, in particular, can accomplish, it offers potential solutions to the problems we’ve been grappling with. Also, personal reports from people who use CBD are amazing. They tout benefits like relief from chronic pain, shrinking cancerous tumors, and more.

The idea is that the special receptors in our brain and body adhere to the additional cannabinoids. This helps the body to heal and maintain optimum health.

The main question most anxiety sufferers want to know is whether or not CBD for flying can help with anxiety.

The truth is that many of us are so sick of it that it can actually become a real hurdle. Whether it’s a bumpy ride or a smooth one, the fear of flying such high is always troublesome.

While Dr. Bonni Goldstein, medical advisor for Weedmaps and owner and Medical Director of Canna-Centers Wellness & Education, notes that there is still much to be learned and examined about the claims and uses of CBD, she acknowledges that it’s also pretty darn helpful when it comes to certain issues — and that includes some of the aforementioned travel-related ones. But there are a few caveats. Ahead, find feedback from Dr. Goldstein and a few other medical professionals to learn how CBD can — and can’t — benefit you on your next trip.

This one is sort of a maybe/yes/no. "Swelling while you travel could be a result of poor circulation not necessarily inflammation, and dry skin isn’t a result of inflammation so CBD may not have any benefit in this area, but the topical administration of CBD ointment is a safe and non-invasive solution that can improve skin irritation, especially on inflammatory background," says Dr. Allen Morgan, women’s health specialist and co-founder of Maxine + Morgan.

Between the tinctures, gummies, water, and even more products touting CBD’s powers (supplements, superfoods, and more), you must be living under a rock these days if you haven’t heard of its claims — let alone tried it. Among the most popular uses of CBD are treating anxiety and stress, easing aches and pains, and soothing skin, so it doesn’t seem so unusual to think that it could work as an aid to some of the negative effects of travel, like jet lag, muscle cramping, or plane panic.

For Flight Anxiety

And while Dr. Goldstein agrees that those who experience stress during travel could benefit, she mentions that, before testing it out on a flight, first make sure it works for you in an everyday setting. "Like all substances (e.g. pharmaceuticals, homeopathic remedies, even foods), everyone responds uniquely to CBD," she says. "The general rule of thumb is, when trying CBD for the first time, try it at home first to see how much dosing (read: the amount) you should take to achieve your desired effects, before you step on the plane."

"CBD can be helpful for travel anxiety because, by activating the endocannabinoid system, it dampens the stress response," says Dr. Kate Denniston of Los Angeles Integrative Health. "CBD has also been shown to reduce activity in the amygdala, an area of the brain that is part of our threat detection system, which can induce the body’s flight or fight response. By modulating neural activity in the body’s threat response system, our perception of threats and stressors changes."

Also, as with all CBD and cannabis-related products, be sure to learn the legalities of the products in your particular state or place of travel, as many states haven’t quite jumped on the marijuana bandwagon just yet. As for flying with CBD, according to the TSA site, "Marijuana and certain cannabis infused products, including some Cannabidiol (CBD) oil, remain illegal under federal law except for products that contain no more than 0.3 percent THC on a dry weight basis or that are approved by FDA." Be sure to check the ingredients facts on your CBD product of choice to see if it meets the federal requirements before tossing in your carry-on.

There’s a lot to look forward to when taking a trip, from checking out the historic sites to enjoying the comforts of a bed that’s decidedly nicer than your own. But getting there isn’t always a breeze. Between the discomfort and dryness that can take place mid-flight, the sleeplessness you might suffer from crossing into a different time zone, and the panic that sets in for those who deal with flight anxiety, traveling can also kind of be a pain — sometimes literally. That said, is CBD for travel a worthy solution? According to medical experts, it just might be — but there are a few things you should know before looking to this buzzy wellness trend to solve all your in-flight woes.