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Can CBD Oil Be Used To Treat Hives? Today, cannabidiol (CBD) is an increasingly popular ingredient in skincare products, found in everything from beauty creams to salves for inflammatory skin Known for its anti-inflammatory and soothing effects, CBD may well help relieve hives. Back to what we know about their association.

Can CBD Oil Be Used To Treat Hives?

Today, cannabidiol (CBD) is an increasingly popular ingredient in skincare products, found in everything from beauty creams to salves for inflammatory skin conditions. A cursory Google search will reveal CBD-infused products touted as effective treatments for rashes, bug bites, dry skin, acne, and hives. As anyone who has ever dealt with these itchy red welts knows, hives can be a miserable experience, and the quest for relief can be urgent — but research on the efficacy of CBD in treating hives and similar conditions is in its infancy and new knowledge is being gained every day. Keep reading to learn more about CBD and hives from Massachusetts medical marijuana doctor Jordan Tishler.

Benefits of CBD for Skin Inflammation

CBD can benefit a wide variety of medical conditions. The evidence that CBD benefits for hives and other skin conditions hinges on its general anti-inflammatory properties. However, as noted in a thorough overview of CBD’s growing ubiquity in beauty and skincare products by Self magazine, this evidence is largely limited to lab and animal studies.

One especially popular study from the Journal of Dermatological Science in 2007 found that when isolated CBD was applied to human skin cells in the lab, it inhibited the overproduction of skin cells that drives the common skin condition psoriasis. It’s important to make a distinction here between long-term diseases like psoriasis, which may show an inflammatory response due to an underlying problem, versus skin conditions that are acute reactions some outside stimulus — as is often the case with hives, bug bites, and rashes. In other words, evidence that CBD has therapeutic potential for psoriasis is not necessarily evidence for its potential in treating hives.

CBD Oil and Topical Pain Relief

One of the best-established medical uses of marijuana is in the management of pain. However, it is not reasonable to infer that CBD necessarily has these same properties. In one study from the European Journal of Pain using rats showed that topical CBD was able to reduce pain and inflammation from arthritis in the animals. This study, however, used very high doses that would necessitate covering a human from head to toe if the CBD were to be applied topically.

Another wrinkle in the CBD use story is the fact that in all studies, human or mouse, when benefit has been shown, it has always been a very high dose. The dose has consistently been shown to be 10-20mg per kilogram of body weight. Obviously, this is not a problem with tiny mice, but in humans this means 700-1400mg per day, or a whopping $50-100 per day. This is clearly not affordable for most people.

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Worse, we know that tiny doses, such as you’d get from the products available at the gas station or even at most dispensaries, do nothing. People claiming “miraculous” benefit are simply getting placebo effect.

Circling back to hives, it’s possible that these pain-relieving effects of CBD may help with the discomfort of hives, but it seems unlikely in light of the data we have at present.

Is There Potential for CBD to Treat Hives?

The bottom line is: no notable studies have been performed addressing the effect of CBD, taken orally or topically, on hives. Any products currently claiming to treat hives (and most other skin problems, for that matter) using CBD is really just marketing to people’s hopes. As a recent article in the journal Clinics in Dermatology put it: CBD has become a “trendy” additive to skincare products, but “data are limited regarding its efficacy and safety.”

Contact a Medical Marijuana Healthcare Professional About Treating Your Skin Condition

With so much still unknown about the benefits of CBD, a specialist in medical marijuana and its derivatives is your best source of information on its potential for helping manage hives and other inflammatory skin conditions. Boston medical marijuana doctor Jordan Tishler is a Harvard Medical School cannabis expert and stands ready to help you determine if marijuana may be the right medication for you. To learn more, contact the team at InhaleMD by calling (617) 477-8886 today.

How can CBD relieve hives?

We estimate at 20% of the population who develops, at some point in their life, a flare-up of hives. Sometimes it is a isolated episode, others of a chronic hives (0,5 to 2% of the population) which appears and disappears regularly on the skin of people with pain, leaving them little respite. Renowned for its calming, anti-inflammatory and soothing effects on the skin, cannabidiol (CBD) now gives new hope for a treatment. We see in this article how CBD can help relieve hives and what we know about the use of the cannabinoid on this kind of skin problem.

What is urticaria?

A hives flare-up looks like nettle bites

Urticaria is an “old” disease, in the sense that it has been known for a very long time and is easy to diagnose. However, it remains relatively poorly understood and difficult to cure, that this is in view of the appropriate treatment but also of the identification of the cause of the appearance of the urticaria outbreaks. Thus, many people with hives still have a hard time actually managing their seizures, and therefore live comfortably with their pathology. Allergists and dermatologists are then always of good advice, advice which is not necessarily sufficient to benefit from a satisfactory solution.

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On the side of the manifestation of symptoms, we always find Rashes, usually accompanied by itching and papules : red and thick patches reminiscent of nettle bites. Joint pain, digestive problems and a slight fever can also accompany the appearance of plaques on the skin, more rarely edema.

Causes of a hives flare

The causes of urticaria remain relatively poorly understood. They seem in any case very large and of varied origins:

  • Food: especially after consumption of eggs, milk, nuts, fish and seafood, red fruits or chocolate.
  • Medication: taking aspirin, certain antibiotics, non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (ibuprofen in particular), codeine, anesthetics, etc.
  • Environment: insect bite, certain soaps and cosmetic products, jewelry (especially containing nickel), latex.
  • Mental Health: stressful times mainly.

In most cases, however, the trigger is not the real cause of the onset of urticaria, but indeed an element encouraging its appearance. The real cause for its part remains very difficult to identify, which does not prevent having to treat the crisis as quickly as possible in order to avoid discomfort.

CBD and urticaria: a winning combination?

CBD has recognized effects on the skin and some of its irritations

In the best-case scenario, a flare-up of hives will go away quickly by taking antihistamines. A few hours, at most a few days, are then enough to allay a crisis. When this is not enough, for example if the plaques spread over a large part of the body or affect the face, oral corticosteroids (corticosteroids) should be taken.

The corticosteroid problem

Corticosteroids are formidable in the face of many skin and / or allergy problems. Urticaria is no exception and responds very well to treatment with cortisone. The molecule is indeed ideal for stopping inflammation. It also belongs to the family of steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs.

The problem is that it is far from devoid ofSide effects. These include:

  • Water retention,
  • Digestion problems ,
  • Nervousness,
  • Depressed state,
  • Blood pressure problems (usually hypertension).

Some of these side effects are also found when taking antihistamines, which can cause weight gain, a feeling of drowsiness or heart risk disorders. The search of’alternatives to conventional treatments against urticaria thus represents a real hope for all those who suffer from it.

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The hope of CBD products to relieve hives

It’s no longer a secret to many people, cannabidiol has virtuous effects on the skin and therefore stands out as an ally of choice when it comes to relieving certain pains and certain skin irritations. The market therefore already offers many products taking advantage of effects of CBD on the skin :

    : CBD oil helps regulate sebum levels and thus reduce the appearance of pimples. : they hydrate the skin and offer some protection against UV rays. : they deeply hydrate the skin, soothe skin irritations and reduce muscle tension. : they hydrate the skin and restore cellular tone to the skin.

Thus, cannabidiol in general and CBD oil in particular exhibit virtuous effects on the skin, which do not seem very far from what one seeks to obtain in the context of the treatment of urticaria. And therefore constitute a real hope.

In the specific case of urticaria, the lack of in-depth research, however, still leaves room for uncertainty.

Treatment of urticaria with CBD: what we know

Cannabinoids in CBD Flowers May Help Relieve Hives Attacks

The bad news for anyone who suffers from hives is that, at the time of this writing, there is not enough scientific data to draw definitive conclusions about the direct influence of CBD on the body. urticaria. However, there is some good news to offset this. We know in particular that CBD has and calm skin beautiful and well proven. It is also known that it is capable, in topical use (local, directly on the skin), ofsoothe certain irritations and D’moisturize the skin.

To date, therefore, it seems far-fetched to claim that cannabidiol can treat hives. What is not unreasonable is to seriously consider thecomfort that it can bring in direct application, in particular by reducing the discomfort related to itching or the burning feeling related to hives. Huge benefit of CBD, it doesn’t lead to no noticeable side effects and is very easy to apply and penetrate : a huge plus when the skin is irritated.

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