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cbd oil for lymphedema

How to use CBD oil for Lymphedema. The terms Lymphedema or lymphatic edema, both refer to a specific type of fluid accumulation that is caused by obstructions along the body’s lymphatic channels.

The therapy also consists of using compressive bandages and additional skincare.

What causes Lymphedema?

Lymphedemas may occur for a variety of reasons.

The most traditional and widespread treatment method is called Complex Decongestive Therapy. It consists of a set of manual rhythmic manipulation techniques whose purpose is to remove the accumulated fluid from the affected limbs.

The body’s lymphatic channels serve as a distribution network for a fluid similar to blood plasma, which is essential to a multitude of cellular processes, known as lymph.

And while CBD products may contain trace amounts of THC—not enough to get a person high— there are definite benefits to using it. Cannabidiol has been shown to help alleviate symptoms of anxiety, reduce pain and inflammation, reduce the frequency of epileptic seizures, reduce inflammation related to diabetes and may even help fight cancer!

If you’d prefer a shortcut to choosing products, check out this site for a quick introduction.

Doctor’s Orders

The doctor recommended I take two cannabinoids, cannabigerol and cannabidiol. Cannabigerol (CBG) was a lesser known cannabinoid that worked well with the body’s own endocannabinoid system. I didn’t really understand it, but according to information found on the website, things became a little more clear. Leafly, the largest cannabis website in the world, said:

If interested in trying CBD for health benefits, talk with your medical professional. Ask for suggestions on usage and for suggestions on suppliers.

Upon entering the shop, I felt skittish. I had no idea what I needed to buy. The shop owner began to show and explain about each product. I could choose from oil-based tinctures, gel capsules, vaping pens or even gummy candies. There were many strengths available, too. Relying on the advice of the shop owner, I left the store with one small bottle of CBG and one of CBD. Each one-ounce bottle cost just under $100.

A wide variety of CBD and CBG products are available for consumers to choose from. Some companies making and selling these products are transparent about which parts of the cannabis plant are used in making their products and some are not. Some claim hemp oil is the same thing as CBD, but that’s inaccurate. Hemp oil is made from the seeds of the cannabis plant while cannabis oil comes from the flowers, leaves and stalks.

One of the first symptoms is Lymphedema. This results in swelling of legs and arms and even your fingers or toes. You might experience a heaviness around the area. Other symptoms could also include:

The cannabinoids in CBD interacts with our endocannabinoid system. Together the aim is to create homeostasis. CB1 and CB2 receptors are found in the brain, the digestive, and lymphatic system. Cannabinoids bind very well with lipids and as a result increase significantly intestinal lymphatic transport. The lymphatic system is crucial in detoxifying the immune system. Weirdly, doctors often overlook the lymphatic system for finding the cause for chronic diseases. To get the lymphatic system to work in optimal condition should be a prime focal point.

What Functions does the Lymphatic System Have?

The lymphatic system is literally a drainage system. It has a network of fine tubes all over the body. It consists of lymph nodes that drain fluid that leaked from the blood vessels into the tissues back to the bloodstream. The purpose of the lymphatic system is to:

CBD Oil: An Effective Treatment for the Lymphatic System

Respond to bacteria

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