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cbd oil germany

It contains approx. 500mg CBD.

A high-quality product needs high-quality resources. Wherever possible, we prefer native hemp plants. The quality of the utilized materials meets the requirements of a premium product like LIMUCAN CBD oil and is accompanied by elaborate analytical procedures and gentle processing in innovative production processes.

Hemp is one of the oldest useful plants in the world and was used for various purposes 10,000 years ago. The oldest discoveries in europe were discovered in Germany and are about 5,500 years old.

Our advice for “Limucan CBD-Oil 500mg CBD (5%)”.

These points make LIMUCAN CBD Oil 5% one of the best:

Today the purchase and the application in Germany are 100% legal.

Application and use of aroma oil

CBD oil is usually diluted with another type of edible oil, often with hemp oil, which tastes a bit tart and slightly sweet.

However, the scientific research of CBD oil with humans is still limited. In the United States, cannabidiol is classified as a List 1 drug (with no currently accepted medical use and with high potential for abuse), so that the government requires extensive documentation and extensive regulations from researchers who are interested in studying it.

Do not take during pregnancy or breastfeeding. Always consult a physician before adjusting your diet or using a new product. This product is not suitable for diagnosing, treating, curing or preventing diseases.

Only biological, herbal ingredients. Curcumin, myrcene, caryophyllene, pinene, limonene, linalool, h empextract .

In recent years Germany has taken over the title of cannabis capital of Europe, at least from a legal industry standpoint.

That is why we are so excited about upcoming International Cannabis Business Conference events in Europe.

Evolving landscape in Germany

As it stands right now, there is no country in Europe where cannabis is legal for adult use. However, several countries are moving in that direction.

Topics covered at the events will include, but are not limited to:

In addition to our B2B event in Berlin August 26-27 we will also offer two Global Investment Forums (Berlin August 25 and Zurich August 31-September 1).