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cbd oil in nebulizer

There are few drawbacks to CBD nebulizers, but the ones that do exist might be enough to keep them from becoming mainstream. One is the cost, which likely factors into the niche distribution that currently constrains the devices. Even cheap models are hard to find for under $100, while mid-range devices can cost around $500.

“There’s a whole industry now looking at water solubilization technology,” as Yaron Eshel, the Director of Life Sciences at iCAN:Israel-Cannabis, told The Growth Op. “How do I get this oil and make it into very small molecules so that the body can absorb it? It’s called nanoencapsulation. It’s very standardized in the drug industry, very standardized in the food industry.”

In the unending search for lower impact and less paraphernalia-esque methods of CBD oil administration, a few medical marijuana entrepreneurs have turned over an interesting stone — the pulmonary delivery method known as the nebulizer, previously used exclusively for respiratory illnesses such as asthma, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD), and cystic fibrosis.

The Pros and Cons of CBD Nebulizers

Instead of heating CBD oil to its activation point as with vaping or smoking, a nebulizer sends a mist of aerosolized CBD into the user’s mouth, providing a way to inhale the substance without irritating the throat and lung tissue. The first CBD nebulizers to market are jet nebulizers, which send compressed air through a specially formulated CBD water emulsion, turning it into micro particles that can be inhaled into the lungs.

In fact, one of the most interesting advantages that nebulizers provide is an ability to deliver CBD without heating or combustion. A Johns Hopkins study found that the metal coils used to heat vape tinctures likely leech significant amounts of heavy metals like nickel and chromium into the vapors that users inhale, an outcome that most would probably prefer to avoid.

A subjective plus is the lack of taste and odor in nebulized CBD, and many people appreciate the absence of secondhand smoke or vapor.

Can you put CBD oil in a nebulizer though? As cannabis and its extracts are hydrophobic — meaning they don’t like water — this is only possible with some tweaking, which has been the main obstacle in the way of CBD nebulizers until now. And overcoming this roadblock is the main innovation claimed by three innovators now on the scene.

On the market we can find Hemp seed oil with CBD , a product which is having a great success amongst those who intend to improve their general psycho-physical conditions and want to obtain the most out of the nutritional values of hemp oil, like Omega 3 and antioxidants.

Excluding specific cases, we can state that CBD oil helps to regulate our metabolism and its physiological processes.

1 – CBD can be consumed as an e-liquid by means of electronic cigarettes.

We can use a nebulizer but can also find apposite vape pens on the market, as it is very important to pay attention to the temperature when vaporizing crystal.
If we don’t, we risk to burn the crystals and as a consequence are not able to appreciate their characteristics.

Crystals vaporize at temperatures between 140 and 180°Celcius.

CBD oil doesn’t have any particular side effects and in this period is getting appreciated ever more by the consumers

On the other hand if we want to obtain an immediate effect, for example to neutralize a state of anxiety, we should chose a higher concentration.

A nebulizer is fairly simple in the way it functions. The jet in the nebulizer pushes compressed air through rubber tubing filled with CBD oil. Air moves at an extremely high velocity through the oil, turning it into a clean aerosol spray that flows through tubing to be inhaled by the patient.

Medical professionals and hospitals across the globe will attest to the benefits of using a nebulizer to administer medications. The effects of nebulized CBD will be much purer. Plus, since it becomes an aerosol, there is no residue or lingering odor that remains after use.

Nebulizers aren’t new in the healthcare world, but recently they have found themselves in a new position as the safest and cleanest way to use CBD

The reason why vaporizers can have ill effects on the body is because they use hot vapors, which chemically alters whatever is being vaporized. What this means is that not only are the medicinal effects minimized, but it can actually change the chemical structure of the medicine itself.

For the most part, smoke CBD-dominant flower, both of which carry a certain level of risk. Even though it offers well rounded effects, it’s a long-standing fact that smoking not the safest consumption method. Since smoking can only be achieved via combustion, the smoke will inevitably have some carcinogens in it. Many people have turned to vaping as a cleaner alternative, but that doesn’t come without risks of its own.

Let’s take a look at the benefits of nebulizing as opposed to smoking or vaping.