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Fresh Thyme introduced CBD products at stores in November 2016. The Downers Grove, Ill.-based chain said that it has since rapidly expanded its CBD assortment in response to shopper demand and input, as the initial two-shelf CBD space grew into an eight-foot display.

Specialty grocer Fresh Thyme Farmers Market is ramping up its CBD product selection with nearly 100 new items.

Fresh Thyme said it consults with industry experts to ensure all CBD products meet state and Food and Drug Administration rules and regulations. To that end, the retailer emphasized that it engages in a “thorough and rigorous” review of each CBD vendor and item put on shelves.

Fresh Thyme said Tuesday that it’s rolling out 99 new CBD (cannabidiol) products to its current lineup of 152 CBD items. To be available at Fresh Thyme stores in 10 states, the products being added span the health and beauty, supplement and pet categories.

The new CBD offerings — which will expand the number of CBD products at stores by 65% — include 52 topical health and beauty items, 31 supplements and 16 pet products, carried at Fresh Thyme locations in Kentucky, Illinois, Michigan, Minnesota, Missouri, Indiana, Nebraska, Ohio, Pennsylvania and Wisconsin.

“It’s brought us some new customers into our stores because we’re a trusted store to try new things and we’ve also seen some shifts in buying from our existing customers, so turmeric and sleep products and a few others are slightly down as people will say try CBD instead for say joint pain, but I think things will balance out and we’re already starting to see that.

Speaking to FoodNavigator-USA after adding 99 new items (52 health & beauty/topical products, 31 dietary supplements, 16 petcare SKUs) to its existing line of 152 CBD products, Jonathan Lawrence, senior director of grocery & natural living at Fresh Thyme, said “CBD is a hot product, but it’s normalizing​.”

The top questions are: Will it get me high? Will I fail a drug test? How much should I take?

Shoppers are becoming more educated about CBD, although some key questions keep coming up, said Lawrence, who launched Fresh Thyme’s CBD set with eight products from CV Sciences, and has since expanded the set to 8-feet.

He added: “We’re not seeing the huge rapid growth that we’ve seen in the past because we were early pioneers. It’s going to become an everyday product like turmeric or fish oil.

“From a basket building standpoint, has CBD been good for us? Absolutely, average retail on a supplement product was roughly $12 four years ago and today it’s closer to $15 and that has a direct correlation with the price point and the kind of CBD products we’re selling.”

Taking into account that this attack on Qin is a battle of punishment, the etiquette system of attacking the Xia and other kingdoms is not needed.

Lu Wu came up with Jing Luo imitation, the first thing to do is to train hemp oil and pain On Sale the cbd oil indiana fresh thyme samurai to meet the requirements.

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