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cbd oil legal in ky

The Kentucky Department of Agriculture (KDA) plans to shift its research pilot program into a full commercial hemp production center under the USDA-approved plan for different states. According to this plan, only KDA license holders will be able to grow hemp. If any new brand wants to enter the business, they will have to apply for a full background check. In fact, the owners should also furnish a criminal background check document before applying for expediency. The applicant shouldn’t have any drug-related misdemeanors or felony convictions in the last ten years.

Fast-forward to 2014. Kentucky reinstated hemp as one of its primary crops after the introduction of the 2014 Farm Bill. Since then, it has become one of the most successful pilot programs for robust industrial hemp.

2014 was a significant year for CBD and Kentucky. Steve Beshear, then governor, passed the 2014 Farm Bill that legalized the consumption of hemp-derived cannabidiol products. The law, however, only contemplated its legality after a doctor prescribes the compound to a patient. But that law changed after 2015. CBD extracted from cannabis became illegal for medicinal purposes. This meant that doctors couldn’t prescribe hemp-derived CBD products as they did under the previous law. It took two bills to change that but, eventually, a later administration passed them in 2015.

CBD Licensing Requirements in Kentucky

The FDA later declared that some of the hemp-derived CBD is not suitable for mixing in food and beverages. Therefore, manufacturers should not market them as dietary supplements. However, this is under evaluation because many CBD brands sell tinctures that consumers mix with their smoothies. The FDA is also strict about brands not mentioning any medical claims regarding CBD.

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Apart from the federal regulation of CBD, the law also states that it has the power to regulate CBD in beverages, foods, dietary supplements, and cosmetic products before they reach the FDA’s approval process.

People must remember that CBD extracted from cannabis rather than hemp is still very much illegal. This law is prevalent for medical patients also. They should only buy hemp-derived CBD products and not cannabis-derived CBD. The latter contains more than 0.3% THC. Users may experience a euphoric feeling if they consume cannabis-derived CBD. If the Kentucky police catch you storing up to 8 pounds of cannabis-derived CBD, it may result in a fine of $250 and spending nearly 45 days in prison.

Previously, the Federal Controlled Substances Act of 1970 considered all types of cannabis illegal. This even included hemp strains that didn’t produce enough THC to intoxicate people. The law categorized cannabis under Schedule 1. Schedule 1 was only for products or elements that were highly addictive substances and not helpful for medical purposes.

The main benefit is that CBD products found online are usually much cheaper than those found locally. Online shops can offer bulk deals and special offers that your local store would be unlikely to match.

If you have a permit from the state of Kentucky, you may be able to get low-THC CBD prescribed by your doctor.

Take These Precautions Before You Commit to a Particular CBD Supplier

You should be able to find industrial hemp over the counter in stores across Kentucky. Some of the best places to start include vape stores, head shops, and natural health retailers.

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If you’re not eligible for Kentucky’s CBD clinical trials, you can legally purchase CBD across the whole of the United States under the Agricultural Act of 2014.

Now that you know you can legally purchase CBD in Kentucky, where can you find it?