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According to Bloomberg, a unit under Thailand's Ministry of Public Health has been working on persuading its military government to approve a cannabis study, in hopes of developing a medical marijuana sector.

The death penalty on a 29-year-old medical marijuana distributor was halted by the Cabinet last week following public outrage

1. Marijuana is classified as a highly dangerous drug across the world, including Malaysia

Muhammad Lukman, who was previously sentenced to death for possessing, processing, and distributing medical marijuana, has escaped the gallows following the announcement by Youth and Sports Minister Syed Saddiq Syed Abdul Rahman on 12 October.

"We agree to put a moratorium on (Lukman's) death penalty which will be taken down, and agree that the use of medical marijuana should never be punished with the death sentence," Syed Saddiq was quoted as saying by Malay Mail last week.

"My own personal view is that if it's got medicinal value, then it can be a controlled item that can be used by Ministry of Health for prescription purposes," Xavier was quoted as saying by Bloomberg.

GF: What do you believe will be the future of cannabis in Malaysia?

We registered the NGO “MASA” on the 1st of February 2018 to become a center for clinical research and human rights activism. Triple-M and MASA is the most well-known cannabis educational channel in Malaysia which is closely working with the government to start a clinical trial.

On 31st September 2020, an Indian coconut milk seller who was caught with slightly over 200 grams of cannabis in 2018 was sentenced to death. The stigma and hate that society has taught causes us to be far behind other countries in the sense of reforms. However, with God’s grace and hard work from our end, we hope to educate the masses and bring change to this injustice.

GF: Is the current Malaysian government open to medical legalization of any kind?

HK: Malaysia has harsh laws on drugs that are the same as Singapore and Saudi Arabia. All of these countries ban the use of cannabis and other drugs and have imposed death sentences on those who are caught with just 200 grams.

Green Flower: How did you get involved with trying to end cannabis prohibition in Malaysia?

Green Flower contacted Harish Kumar, the Secretary-General and Director of the Malaysia Society of Awareness (MASA), to discuss his thoughts on the long road ahead. MASA is an NGO advocating for cannabis legalization in Malaysia.