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The Nova Scotia Liquor Corporation is the only authorized retailer of recreational cannabis in Nova Scotia. Cannabis can be purchased by adults 19 or over at designated NSLC stores or online. For more information, visit the Nova Scotia Liquor Corporation.

19 is the legal age to use, buy, grow or possess cannabis in Nova Scotia. If you’re under 19, you can be fined or face criminal charges.

Federal regulations for the legal sale and production of edible cannabis, extracts and topicals came into effect on October 17, 2019. Consumers should expect to see products on NSLC shelves beginning no earlier than mid-December 2019 due to Health Canada’s review process.

There’s a limit to how much you can possess

The legalization of recreational cannabis has not changed the way medical patients access cannabis.

While edibles can be produced at home for personal use, it remains illegal under federal law to sell edibles, including at restaurants and markets.

Cannabis laws are different in each province and territory in Canada. Here’s what you need to know about what is and isn’t legal in Nova Scotia.

The rules for transporting cannabis in a vehicle are the same as alcohol. Cannabis must be in a closed, sealed package and out of reach from anyone in the vehicle. You can be fined up to $2,000 for improper storage.

Medical cannabis is prescribed to patients suffering from a wide variety of health conditions ranging from chronic pain to mental health issues such as depression and anxiety. Among the conditions we have seen treated with medical cannabis are:

If you have one of the conditions listed above or another condition that you think may be helped by medical cannabis, you may fill out our online form to consult with one of our doctors.

Because consultations can take place remotely, we can work with patients from anywhere in Nova Scotia, including Halifax, Sydney, Yarmouth, Digby and Pictou.

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Patients with a prescription for medical cannabis may travel with that prescription throughout Canada and may carry it with them on planes. They may not, however, travel internationally with their prescription.

Medical cannabis has been used legally by patients throughout Nova Scotia since 2001. There are many forms and strains of medical cannabis, including those that contain CBD only, THC only (the psychoactive compound in cannabis) or a combination of both. When you get your prescription through CannaWay Clinic, we will assess your needs and develop a treatment plan based on your needs and condition.

Nova Scotia is the most populated province in the Maritimes. As a resource-based economy, the province has the distinction of being the world’s largest exporter of Christmas trees and lobster. The province is well known for famous attractions, including Peggy’s Cove, the Cabot Trail and being home to the Bluenose – the racing schooner featured on the Canadian dime.

Medical cannabis in Canada is regulated by the Cannabis Act. This legislation is nationwide, so many of the rules concerning medical cannabis do not vary by province. As a clinic specializing in medical cannabis treatment plans, CannaWay Clinic follows all healthcare and cannabis-related regulations both provincially and federally.