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Methods: To do so, a search for patents was conducted to evaluate the anti-inflammatory activity of Cannabis and cannabinoids. Four specialized databases for patent research were consulted using the terms “cannabis”, “cannabidiol”, “cannabinoids” and “THC” associated with “inflammation”.

Objective: The aim of this prospection was to identify data related to patents involving Cannabis and cannabinoids for the treatment of inflammation.

Results: A total of 370 patents were found, of which 17 patents met the inclusion criteria. Although reports show synergistic effects of the plant components, patents involving Cannabis and cannabinoids focus on isolated substances (CBD e THC).

Conclusion: However, patents related to Cannabis and cannabinoids are promising for future use of the plant or its derivatives on the treatment of inflammation.

Background: The inflammatory process is a physiological response to a vast number of harmful stimulus that takes place in order to restore homeostasis. Many drugs used in pharmacotherapy are effective to control inflammatory responses, however, there is a range of adverse effects attributed to steroidal and non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDs). In this sense, herbal medicine and derivatives have gained more attention because of their effectiveness and safety, showing the importance of medicinal plants, especially the Cannabis genus and the cannabinoid derivatives.

Keywords: Hemp; herbal medicine; inflammation disease; marijuana; technological prospecting; therapeutic..

adding a first eluent to the packed column, wherein the first eluent added totals between one and eleven column volumes (CVs), 2 to 7 CVs, or 4 to 6 CVs;

adding a second eluent to the packed column;

g. drying the rinsed trichomes.

U.S. Patent No. 10,307,447 was issued on June 4, 2019, to Stephen Goldner of West Bloomfield, Michigan. The claims of the '447 patent recite a process of freeze drying and rupturing cannabis plant cells prior to CO2 extraction and isolation. Claim 1 of the '447 patent reads as follows (emphasis added):

adding cannabis oil to the packed column;

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