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Legislation: Cannabis is illegal in Thailand but the police in Phuket Island is fairly corrupt.

You should also be able to find low quality hash or as one reported Nepalese Temple Balls.

City Report:

another reporter added; “300Tb = 1.5g of thai stick. THC about 6 – 12 %”

Another reporter informed us of “1000TB for 10 grams”

Cannabis in Thailand? Yes its true and no it won’t get you high. At least the legal one in the cafes 😉 Thailand legalized cannabis for medical usage in 2019. These days every part of the plant besides the seeds, flowers, and buds are legal. The medical industry is using cannabis extracts for medical usage and recently cannabis cafes are opening up in the country. In Phuket I know of at least three.

This could be the first step to full legalization. The economy surely needs some help as do the farmers. There is a long tradition of ganga in Thailand and in the past some of the best quality came (and still does apparently) come from Thailand known as Thai stick.

This cafe I’ve seen near my house before. Phuket town has loads of quite nice and stylish cafes. Recently, they’ve started selling products made with cannabis. Seems like a bit of a marketing ploy but I wish them lots of luck and they were nice enough to let me take some photos.

Let’s hope full legalization is coming soon so people can grow and provide for their families and the consumers can enjoy in peace. As well, full legalization will eliminate the mafia element currently controlling the drug market.

From darkened back alleys to brightly lit 7-11 aisles, people in Thailand can now get their once-illegal cannabis fix in flavoured drinks at convenience stores and vending machines. The nation’s biggest bottled tea producer Ichitan Group has launched 2 new drinks with terpenes, the compounds that give that ganja smell.

But in Thailand, the government sees huge potential, with MFC Asset Management planning Thailand’s first hemp-related mutual fund with expectations of over 17% annual growth over the next 5 years. Farmers could grow hemp and cannabis with large profits, and the Thai government is even eying a tourism boost for medical tourism and just plain curious travellers.

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SOURCE: Nikkei Asia

Recreational use is not permitted in Thailand yet, though 16 states in the US allow it, and Mexico has legislation pending. Medicinal marijuana is legal in 50 countries already.

Ichitan admits that the cannabis used in their drinks aren’t fully legalised yet, though they expect the entire supply chain and process to be approved soon as the cannabis legalisation trend grows around the world. Farming is still only allowed with strict government observation, and the narcotic use of ganja is only allowed for cultivation, research and medical use.