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cbd oil pillow

Waking up every couple of hours to feed our newborn is exhausting, but this pillow is getting me back into a deep sleep almost immediately. I love love love it.

Care of Your Inner Pillow:

Unzip the cover, and remove any amount of fill to customize the firmness level to your individual needs.

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You don’t need a pillowcase for your CBD Pillow, but if you find the CBD to be too potent, a pillowcase can be used to dampen the effects.

Patented CBD Release System

A gel memory foam pillow unlike any other. Our pillowcase is infused with millions of microcapsules filled with the highest quality CBD for deeper sleep, relaxation, and a more refreshing morning.

Our CBD is grown & harvested in Colorado, and the CBD Pillow is manufactured by us in Southern California.

The pillow is infused with CBD oil spritzer and a sage scent. If you’re a side sleeper who likes scented pillows that are infused with CBD, this is the best choice for you.

The fill is made out of polyester mesh and memory foam and the cover is made out of mesh to help increase airflow. If you’re looking for a pillow that is infused with more than just regular old CBD, then this is a great choice for you.

#3. Brookstone CBD Oil-Infused Bed Pillow

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When you rest your head on a pillow that’s infused with CBD a small amount of the substance is released into your skin. We think that brands that have infused microcapsules – the “CBD Pillow” brand is the best example of this – do a much better job of slowly releasing the CBD over time rather than the brands that directly infuse CBD into the cover (like Brookstone).

CBD is a hemp-derived substance that is being infused in literally everything. You can buy CBD oils, gummies, dog treats, topicals and now you can even get pillows that are infused with this incredibly healthy substance.

B&M is selling a unique product that has received mixed reactions from customers.

But some shoppers were baffled by how the pillow would actually work.

The retail store surprised shoppers when they posted a picture of a CBD oil infused relaxation pillow on their Instagram.

"This is really the best pillow ever."

Another said: “These look good."