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cbd oil pulmonary fibrosis

"Through the years I have remained as active as possible-\-\worki ng 50+ hours a week, exercising, spending cherished time with my wife and sharing many experiences with loved ones. I enjoy yard work, hunting and fishing when my busy schedule allows. My wife and I are involved in full time Christian ministry work. We conduct Bible studies and mentor students from a Christian University. I teach Bible at a center for women struggling with alcohol and drug addictions. I have a published book that I have taught from and distributed to men at another center who are fighting similar addictions. I know firsthand the destruction alcohol and other such drugs can inflict on a family. I have been anti-drugs all my life and have worked in the ministerial field and with law enforcement to help eradicate this destructive evil.

My concern is not only with the fact I am preserving my own life in what most of our society would deem an illegal practice; but through the use of cannabis/ marijuana there may be thousands of others whose quality of life could be greatly improved or they may be spared the painful death IPF or other such diseases can lead. Here, I would like to pause in my story and ask you to think of someone you love very dearly. What would you do to save their life, especially if you could save a life or spare someone from undo suffering merely by way of using a natural plant that God created? As in most things in life, be it money, prestige, sex, alcohol, marijuana or other such self-indulgenci es; it is the human race that has misused these things. Such action has influenced society to characterize marijuana as detrimental to all. Should we outlaw or make illegal all things society has misused?

"God has called me to share my story, and is opening a door for me that I am hesitant to travel through, but I know I must go in order to help others. We as Christians are called to walk by faith, not by sight, and I believe that God will not open a door that would require compromise or disobedience to His law for you to enter. We must be cautious that God’s law is not compromised by man’s law; however, be must all be willing to rise above our own concerns and limitations and look to the higher benefit of others and God’s will. If God presents you an opportunity and opens a door-\-\would you walk through it no matter what?

"There comes a time when we must squelch the fear inside and take a stand and be recognized. A time when we must be seen not only through the eyes of those who approve or support us but through the veil of the preconceived ideas of those waiting to condemn us. We must be heard not only by those eager for our message but we must speak loudly enough to be heard above the racket of the sneering throng. We must be willing to be politically incorrect and unpopular as we speak the truth. No matter what action we choose or what path we trod, our efforts should be to uplift the needs of others even to raising them above our own. I am willing to sacrifice my own fate as one individual when this one individual could possibly help maintain the dignity and well-being of many. Thank you for your time, interest and consideration on this most far reaching subject. I remain a grateful and dedicated South Carolinian."

Still, researchers found those who only smoke cannabis occasionally — a couple of joints a month — showed improved pulmonary function instead of reduced.

Pulmonary fibrosis (PF) is a health disorder that causes lung stiffness and scarring, making it hard to breathe. It may keep your body from getting the oxygen you need and can eventually result in heart failure, respiratory failure and other problems. Doctors and researchers discovered the first form of lung fibrosis during the 19th century. During this time, they took lung samples to try to understand the reason behind the scarring. PF didn’t show much improvement until the 20th century.

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Pulmonary fibrosis, like any other condition, can be distressing. But you can find some relief from its uncomfortable symptoms. Search for a medical marijuana doctor today so you can obtain your medical marijuana card and begin shopping around for your perfect strains by finding a cannabis dispensary. Once you book an appointment with a licensed cannabis doctor, you’ll be well on your way to experiencing the benefits medical marijuana can offer you.

When thinking of a person with lung disease like idiopathic pulmonary fibrosis, you can probably understand why a primary side effect would be physical exhaustion. However, what you may not realize is that mental exhaustion typically coincides with having chronic conditions like IPF.