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Harvest Health & Recreation Inc. Reports Second Quarter 2021.


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AWH Announces Q2 2021 Financial Results Q2 2021 Net.

In the years following, CNN’s Chief Medical Correspondent Dr. Sanjay Gupta would cite Figi’s medical case as a wake-up call to Americans that cannabis, when used correctly, was a useful medicine. Gupta’s groundbreaking documentary titled Weed had the tagline “Why I changed my mind on weed,” and helped spark a movement of people sympathetic to the cause of medical marijuana.

Everybody is different so it’s important they find the level that they’re comfortable with and build from there. It’s also important to establish the intent of your wellness journey. Rather than guess, we strongly encourage people to speak to their medical practitioners, find a reputable dispensary, and speak to a bud-tender about which products would best address their needs. Also, these nonprofit groups can assist in answering questions, like what type of product may work best for you and your needs: Americans for Safe Access, Realm of Caring, and Medical Jane.

U.S. Gambling Revenue To Break $44 Billion Record In 2021

The national discussion over cannabis legalization hit a tipping point back in 2012 when a five-year-old girl named Charlotte Figi began receiving cannabis oil treatments for severe epileptic seizures she experienced due to Dravet syndrome. Once having hundreds of grand mal seizures a week, following those treatments her seizures decreased to an amazing two or three per month.

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How does the combination of THC and CBD enhance the effects of each?

With the demographic for cannabis expanding, where do you see your products having the most impact?