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cbd oil test kit

Testing for cannabinoid levels is essential for medical users who must get their medicine from non-dispensary sources, but it’s also helpful for patients to verify that dispensaries are selling product that lives up to what they’re advertising.

Alpha-Kit products are the best choice for those who wish to know all there is to know about the makeup, potency, and potential effects of any cannabis strain they grow or ingest.

If your only concern is whether a substance contains THC, THC test kits are smaller, more straightforward, and more affordable than their full-spectrum cannabinoid testing counterparts. By adding a small sample and waiting a few minutes, you can quickly if a substance is packing a psychoactive punch or has a zero THC level. THC testers can help you determine if you’ve been sold a substance that’s masquerading as a cannabis concoction but is actually a fake.

Why Are Marijuana Test Kits Necessary?

Alpha-Cat Cannabis Potency Test Kits:

For those who are still wondering if they need a marijuana test kit and would like a quick explanation of what they do, scroll down below the reviews for an overview of the different types of marijuana test kits and what they do.

EZ-Test Cannabis (THC) Identification Test Kit
Single Test

In the past, if someone wanted to test their cannabis for various chemicals and compounds, they had to have access to a laboratory full of specialized equipment. With the development of marijuana test kits, all of that changed. Today, cannabis testing is easily accessible to individuals both at home and while on the go, even if they don’t have a background in science or chemistry.

– Chemotype prints: 2

The analysis method enables anyone, regardless of scientific background, to define the active cannabinoid profile in a wide range of medicinal materials (flowers, resins, concentrates, cosmetics, tinctures, edibles and most other cannabinoid containing products).


The Cannabinoid testing kit system solves the issues involved with simultaneously separating cannabinoids in a simple, cost-effective way, providing a chemical profile for each sample. The method separates some of the neutral and acidic cannabinoids which are rendered distinct from each other with bright colored spots.

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The combination of different spots is called the chemotype of this particular plant (strain). Samples derived from it, such as the dried flowers, edibles, oils and hashish will differ somewhat in composition and won’t show the same cannabinoid profile (or print). Each colored spot on the plate represents a cannabinoid.

The Demand for marijuana CBD testing kit is increasing significantly in the US. Both consumers and growers are now using testing kits, instead of HPLC techniques, to test the potency of cannabis products. Our cannabis testing kits are keenly developed with Thin Layer Chromatography principle and thus ensure fast & accurate results.

Whether you are a grower or a consumer, potency of cannabis plays a vital role for both. It is essential to determine the potency of cannabis. If you are not aware of what’s the THC content of your cannabis, you cannot determine the overall strength or potency of your product. Well, this is the reason, why we sell this innovative Marijuana CBD testing kit.

Importance of Testing Cannabis’s Potency

To avoid any critical health conditions, it is recommended to test the cannabis samples with our marijuana CBD, THC testing kits first.

Medical patients, who are consuming marijuana to get well, some are experiencing adverse results due to the lack of proper testing. On an average, the THC levels of marijuana, according to the US Federal Government, the potency level has increased 10 to 25 times more in past few decades. It’s not only about the increasing levels of THC, but the CBD levels are also degrading. In simple words, the cannabis plants which are available now are of higher potency and have higher THC contents.

Well, now you must have got a clear idea about how the potency of cannabis products varies with different factors. Instead of getting confused with the potency aspects of marijuana, we recommend you to buy our marijuana CBD testing kit now and determine the overall potency of your drug.