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cbd oil testosterone

CBD also encourages the breakdown of estrogen by speeding up cytochrome p450 enzymes that break it down (7) .

Testosterone is an important hormone involved mainly in reproduction and sex drive, but also has other roles in regulating mood and energy.

This is potential evidence of an adaptogenic effect of (endo)cannabinoids, helping to balance individuals to their own needs. CBD may help endocannabinoids support individual balance.

Growth Hormone

More research is needed before any conclusions can be made on how CBD affects estrogen.

Cannabinoid receptor 1 is also found on most other glands and organs, so can control hormonal balance directly as well.

Growth hormone (GH), as the name suggests, signals for the reproduction and regeneration of cells, stimulating growth and development in the body.

Major Hormones

According to several animal studies, there is much evidence that THC decreases testosterone creation in the testes . Other animal studies also discovered that both CBD and THC could boost, or reduce, testosterone production, based on the dose. Don’t forget that these studies were conducted on rats; therefore, human studies are required to confirm these particular findings.

Before we answer this question, we’ll have to understand how the body controls testosterone, what health conditions and factors can bring testosterone, and how CBD might influence these processes.

All we know so far is that marijuana likely influences testosterone production. Primarily, this is because of the THC content, which not all CBD products contain. However, CBD might be useful in increasing testosterone through its stress-reducing and anti-inflammatory effects, which are two common reasons men might experience low testosterone. What’s more, CBD might slow the rate of the liver’s testosterone breakdown.

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Should You Use CBD for Your Testosterone Levels?

After your doctor analyzes all of these factors, you will both have a better understanding of if you have low testosterone production and, if so, why.

The ideal way to find out whether you have low testosterone is by running several lab tests. Your doctor might request a panel of hormone labs that look like testosterone and other hormones like thyroid, prolactin, estrogen, and sex-hormone binding globulin that could be affecting hormone balance. Furthermore, your doctor might want to examine other causes of testosterone imbalance, including blood sugar, liver and kidney function, your body mass index, and sources of inflammation.

According to these findings, CBD might affect testosterone production and regulation. But it is not evident whether it increases or reduces testosterone. More research is required in this particular area.

If a man has low testosterone after puberty, in his adult life, common symptoms might include: