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cbd oil trials australia

Exploring the effects of combined CBD and THC (20:1) on sleep and brain activation in patients with insomnia disorder. Eligible participants undergo two overnight sleep studies receiving randomised active and placebo treatments. This study is being led by Professor Ron Grunstein. See here for more information.

Study site: Woolcock Institute of Medical Research, Glebe, NSW 2037

Tourette Syndrome

Exploring the effect of combined THC and CBD (1:1) on tics in patients with Tourette syndrome. Eligible participants will undergo two 8-week treatment periods receiving either active or placebo treatment. This study is being led by Dr Philip Mosley. See here for more information.

The Australian Centre

is working to develop a national research and policy framework that ensures quality and safety in the implementation of medicinal cannabis use in the community.

The Australian Centre for Cannabinoid Clinical and Research Excellence

for Cannabinoid Clinical

ACRE is generously funded by the National Health and Medical Research Council through the Centre of Research Excellence scheme.

ACRE’s multi-disciplinary research is gathering the information necessary to inform best clinical practice and to guide government around the use of medicinal cannabinoids in Australia