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cbd vape oil 300mg

Sweet Cherry flavour 10ml bottle containing 300mg CBD. To use, simply pour the liquid into the tank and operate it as you would do with any other e-liquid. Vaping CBD offers many advantages over alternate methods of administration such as oral CBD oil. Inhaling & vaping cannabinoids has been proven to be highly bio-available in comparison to heavy hemp oil extracts often taken in oil form with an unpleasant taste. Clearly CBD E Liquids contain only regulated and certified ingredients and are made using pharmaceutical grade ingredients. Use: Only for e-cigarettes. Refer to device manufacturer’s instructions for refilling. If you feel unwell consult a physician and show this label where possible. Warning Keep out of reach of children. If on Skin : Wash with plenty of water/soap and water. If in eyes: Rinse cautiously with water for several minutes. Remove contact lenses if present and easy to do. Continue rinsing. Not for use by pregnant or nursing women. Not recommended for non-smokers NOT FOR SALE TO UNDER 18’s Ingredients: Vegetable Glycerine (<30%), Monopropylene Glycerol (<70%). Flavouring Sweet Cherry, (CBD) CANNABIDIOL 3%

Fortunately, it is relatively simple to determine exactly how much CBD is in your device. We will stick to the most common methods, CBD e-liquid and cartridges, and then we will show you how to apply that to dosing with other methods of delivery including flower and concentrates.

Keep in mind, your dosage is subject to change based on the condition you are trying to treat. Also, these dosages are for taking CBD orally, so if you’re vaping it, you might not need as much due to the higher bioavailability of vaped CBD. Here are a few recommended doses:

For CBD flower and concentrates

CBD edibles and CBD capsules are similar in their effectiveness in that they both must pass through the digestive tract. For this reason, your ideal dosage for capsules and edibles are going to be similar. One of the biggest advantages of these delivery methods is that they utilize predetermined doses.

Once you know how much CBD is in each mL, you’ll know how much to take. A 1 mL dropper holds approximately 20 drops of liquid.

Next, you might be wondering; how much CBD is in each puff? While it is a common question, there is no single answer. It can depend greatly on your vaping style—whether you take bigger direct lung hits, or smaller mouth to lung puffs. It’s even more dependent on the total potency of CBD in the vape juice.

Items which have been opened can be returned only if there is an issue with the content. Send the remaining product and packing back for a refund.

Use 0.5ml to 1ml (1-2 pipettes) daily, fill e-cigarette tank and inhale gently. This product should not be used as a nicotine substitute.

Cannabis Oil Drops for Vape Use.


Each product manufactured is guaranteed to be pure because we routinely get our CBD-rich products tested for quality and purity from independent pharma-grade laboratories.

CBD Vape Oil (blueberry flavour) is made from pure Cannabis Oil extracted from the Cannabis Sativa (Hemp) plant using a natural extraction process. CBD (Cannabidiol) is an essential compound present in Hemp CBD Oil.

Build up the dose gradually. Not suitable for under 18s. Do not exceed recommended daily allowance. Keep out of reach of children. For e-cigarette use only. Zero Nicotine. Store in a cool and dark place away from sunlight. Shake well before use.

Propylene Glycol, Vegetable Glycerin, CBD purified from industrial hemp extract (Cannabis sativa L.), Flavor.