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cbd vape oil for sale near me

Diamond CBD’s pricing is ahead of the competition. The “Overdose Package” (not the most prudent name) is offering 3000 mg for $100, while a Pineapple Express Delta 8 vape cartridge is selling for just over $25, slashed from the original price.

The Delta 8 isomerization process involves dissolving CBD (or another cannabinoid) using a solvent and then adding an acid, as well as other combination ingredients, to turn the mix into Delta 8.

5. CBD Genesis Vape Juice – Best Variety of Delta-8 THC Products

The first company to sell a THC-dominant product remains quaintly fixated on focused blends. Pick between your desired state of mind: calm, comfortably numb, focused, euphoric, and of course, pain-free and relaxed.

While 3Chi impressed us just the same in variety of edibles, Genesis went above and beyond expectations. For such a new product as Delta 8, we weren’t expecting to be offered gummy bears, gummi worms, cheesies, nacho chips, popsicles, oreo-like cookies, hard candy, and even dog snacks.

You can also mix and match different flavors of 25 pieces of 25 mg gummies for a continuing discount of 18.75 percent. You have to hand it to them – a free sampler pack is pow zoom, to the moon! At least in stoner terms…