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CBD Hemp MCT Oil Tincture 1500 Series By CBDfx comes in a 30ml bottle and has the highest potency of any CBD additive/tincture range by CBDfx. Formed using only MCT oil (derived from coconuts) and broad spectrum organic hemp oil, with no GMO’s, this product has not ingredient fillers. This broad spectrum CBD additive includes essential fatty acids, terpenes, and amino acids compounds in its composition that’s are certified to have been sourced from fully organically hemp farms. Available in 1500mg of CBD strength per bottle

Currently available in a 30ml bottle with 1500mg CBD strength per bottle.


CBDfx’s Hemp MCT Oil Tincture in the 1500 series range is the flagship strength of CBDfx’s Hemp MCT tincture range. Its combination of super high quality and strength broad spectrum organic hemp oil and MCT (medium chain triglycerides) make a simple, but a very effective product with no nasties such toxic pesticides residues or any other harmful compound due to their organic production. This potent high strength broad spectrum CBD oil uses only the highest quality hemp grown in EU that is Co2 extracted for maximum potency and retains essential fatty acids, terpenes, and amino acids from the hemp plant.

As for the dosage of any CBD Tinctures we just recommend you use as needed, but always remember to build it up slowly until you find what’s right for you. Try adding 1 dropper full of oil (approximately 51mg of pure CBD) underneath your tongue for 60 seconds before swallowing. CBD tinctures can also be added to your food or drink also for consumption

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In the pursuit of achieving a better state of wellbeing, CBDfx Wellness Tinctures really tick all the boxes. CBDfx are a trusted brand in the CBD market, and are also considered a market leader. Their Wellness 2:1 Tinctures are designed to deliver maximum benefit along with a delicious taste.

CBDfx CBD + CBG Wellness 2:1 Tincture oil is the perfect mix of the most desirable chemical compounds in Cannabis (CBD + CBG), healthy antioxidants (Coenzyme Q10 & Curcumin), and an intoxicating blend of 18 different aromatic terpenes with a sweet and citrusy finish for a beautiful balance of CBD goodness and taste.

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CBD Strength: 500mg, 1000mg, 2000mg, 4000mg
CBD Category: CBD Tincture

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The cannabis plant contains over 100 different cannabinoids. While research is in its very early stages, evidence is growing that these cannabinoids may also have significant health benefits. The terpenes found in cannabis give it its distinctive aroma– and have health benefits on their own! Full spectrum products are closer to the original plant and may offer additional health benefits.

CBD can be combined with a variety of supplements to support various health goals. For example, CBD can be combined with melatonin, the sleep hormone, to help sleep. Some companies add other herbs or other natural products to support the anti-inflammatory properties of CBD while others may add nutrients to support calm, energy or exercise recovery.