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cibdex 500mg cbd cannabidiol hemp oil

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Our Cibdex® CBD hemp oil tinctures offer a simple way to add hemp supplements to your daily routine. To start adding CBD to your diet, spray two pumps of Cibdex® tinctures under the tongue and hold for a minute before swallowing. Cibdex® vanilla drops are flavored with natural vanilla and lightly sweetened with Stevia for a pleasantly mild botanical taste. Each 2 oz bottle comes with 500 mg of CBD for 2.5 times the CBD concentration as the 1oz. version.


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A Cibdex ™ CBD tincture is the most convenient way to addCBD hemp oil to your daily routine. We infused CBD hemp oil into flavored squirts that taste great yet retain the natural benefits. Cibdex ™ is the natural choice for everyday CBD hemp oil.

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Having tried the three flavors, we would suggest that you should avoid the peppermint version because it tastes exceedingly artificial. Cibdex adds Stevia to ‘sweeten’ the taste and potential side effects of Stevia include bloating, muscle pain and dizziness – just to name a few.

If you purchase these CBD oil drops, spray two pumps beneath the tongue and wait up to a minute before swallowing. You only need to take the drops once or twice a day to feel the benefits.

Cibdex Hemp Oil Drops

Upon testing Cibdex’s CBD oil, we have to say that it was only effective once we increased the dosage to double the recommended amount in the 2oz bottle. Once we did that, it began to relieve stress and anxiety in a few days. This leads us to believe that while there is high-quality CBD within the oil, the level needs to be much higher.

The main issue with Cibdex’s products is that we’re not completely sure how strong the CBD content is. It claims there is 100mg in the 1oz bottle and 500mg in the 2oz bottle but the actual percentage of CBD remains a mystery.

Cibdex is now better known as Plus CBD Oil, and it has enjoyed mainly positive reviews. According to Jordan in Illinois, Cibdex was extremely effective in helping him deal with his chronic pain. Craig from Arizona was also full of praise for the product. He said that he had PN pain for the last 15 years but was amazed that the pain stopped a day after he started taking Cibdex! His only gripe is the less than pleasant peppermint flavor.

Cibdex has made a name for itself on the scene due to its hemp oil supplements being of ease for users of all levels. The various lines of hemp oil for sale they offer is as simple as taking a dietary supplement.

One client review that was eye-opening stated the love for the product due to it helping vanish the chronic pain he was suffering from. Not just any type of pain, but the type of pain that lasted for 15 years which is a big deal.

Cibdex : About & Story

Cibdex, much like other brands is providing a valuable product to those who are suffering from various medical ailments such as multiple sclerosis, seizures, and many other ailments. While these types of things don’t appear on the food and drug administration lists, it still doesn’t lessen the validness of Cibdex products.

CBD hemp oil products now come in various flavors such as peppermint and also have been shown to help treat cure (or at least help lessen) various medical issues such as multiple sclerosis, anxiety and stress, daily routine pain, and seizures.

In fact, here are three big reasons why someone would use Cibdex.