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complete body daily reviews

We don’t know much about the story or team behind Complete Body Daily, except that each of their CBD products was developed by co-founder Mary Van. Mary apparently has over three decades of experience in cosmetics and skincare. Before checking out the line, we were apprehensive. The cosmetic industry is notorious for using chemical-laden ingredients in the name of beauty and anti-aging. Would Complete Body Daily do the same?

To our relief, the answer is no. The company claims to use the ‘highest quality’ ingredients and they’re not messing around. Not only did we find all-natural, high-quality ingredients, but there are some uncommon superfoods in this top-notch product line. Offerings include:

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Bottom Line – We think Complete Body Daily did an excellent job formulating their CBD product line, particularly their topicals, and we admire their commitment to all-natural ingredients and healing botanicals. To level up, we suggest first making independent cannabinoid profiles (purity tests) for each SKU and comprehensive contaminants tests for at least each CBD oil batch top priority. Post the results regularly, and we’d be happy to revisit.

The goal of Complete Body Daily is simple: a life well lived. For those living with chronic pain, inflammation, and other health issues, this means finding natural solutions without the scary side effects. Enter CBD oil, the world’s wellness gamechanger. Complete Body Daily has a stellar line of CBD products, and their topicals stand out in particular. Each formula is unique and chock-full of potent antioxidants, some of which you may not have heard of yet. With some changes to their testing protocols and charitable giving, we think this brand could become a real contender.

Complete Body Daily easily gets the Quality Badge with their top-tier ingredients, organic hemp sourcing, and clean ethanol extraction. They fall substantially short by way of testing, though. The company claims to internally test each batch of their CBD oil and provide third-party testing each quarter — not good enough for us. Right now the link is broken to their most recent results, so we were not able to view what they actually test for.

Best Business Advice: trust your instincts, protect your time and always give more than you take

Complete Body Daily takes a one-of-a-kind medical approach to providing professional level, Zero-THC, CBD products by partnering with the wellness community. Complete Body Daily also provides the highest quality CBD products at the best prices in the industry. Our hemp is organically grown, non-gmo, manufactured in the USA, and cruelty free.

Complete Body Daily incorporated in October of 2017 and went live with our website and products on February 1st, 2018. I was living in Denver, Colorado at the time and witnessed the evolution of the hemp industry first hand. When Arkansas passed medical marijuana, specifically industrial hemp, I knew it was time for me to move back home to Arkansas and spread knowledge around CBD.

We strive to spread knowledge about CBD to make Arkansans aware of their options.

Matthew Kane, Owner of Complete Body Daily

Complete Body Daily is a health and wellness company that develops high-end CBD products. We have partnered with the most experienced professionals in the Colorado hemp industry to source the highest quality, organically grown hemp in the world and extract our CBD oil in the most technologically advanced laboratory in the industry. We then manufacture our topical products in our state of the art facility under good manufacturing processes.

We began product development and testing in September and rolled out our best-in-class products with our website launch. Our co-founder, Mary VanCompernolle, has 31 years of experience in the skin care industry and was integral in our product development process.

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