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Like any other plant, it is important to know theorigin of production cannabidiol before consumption. The primary purpose of food supplements is to be beneficial for the body. Plants grown according to a organic fashion et without pesticides are therefore preferable. The extraction mode also plays a role in quality. It can be done naturally or on the contrary include chemicals which could leave residues in the final product.

CBD is also used to make vitamin supplements. They allow you to enjoy Benefits of CBD as well as nutritive and antioxidant potential vitamins. Liposomal vitamins in CBD are for example a mixture of pure organic cannabidiol, vitamins, minerals and fruit flavors in a liposomal suspension. The liposomes are vesicles – small bags – of fat that help the penetration of vitamins in the body. Their effect is then faster and more pronounced. There are also specific associations, for example vitamin C and CBD. Vitamin C is then encapsulated in liposomes which facilitate and accelerate its effects. (See as well : CBD for acne)

Finally, pay attention to the oil purity. Prefer them without additives. They tend to be more liquid and therefore easy to dose when filtered. Like essential oils, they are photosensitive. It is therefore preferable to keep away from light and heat. This is why the hemp oil is best used as a dressing or in drops. It is indeed not suitable for cooking which alters its effects. Donuts with cannabis oil are therefore to be avoided, which would probably not contribute to a balanced diet.

Precautions for using CBD as a dietary supplement

CBD is increasingly studied for its relaxing and anti-inflammatory effects. By acting directly on the SEC, CBD food supplements allow to draw the anticipated benefits. By only using the cannabinoid molecule, they also ensure THC-free products, respecting European law. Cannabidiol thus makes possible the relaxed state lent to cannabis without suffering from its psychoactive effects. It should be remembered on this occasion that only plants whose THC level is less than 0,2% can be used to make cannabis products.

Whatever the reason you want to consume CBD food supplements, start with small doses and gradually increase until the desired effect is obtained. Overdose of CBD is not a priori dangerous and does not provide addiction. Like any other natural substance, however, abusing it is neither useful nor recommended.

Hemp seeds, also called hempseed, are oilseeds. This means that they are high in fat and therefore they are perfectly suited for oil extraction. They allow the creation of CBD food supplements. The latter are rich in taste (close to hazelnut) and in properties, they are nonetheless very calorific. So do not abuse their use. We must also distinguish hemp oil, obtained by pressing seeds, CBD oil, obtained by distillation of the plants. The two generally combine in food supplements to take advantage of their additional benefits.

To begin with, cannabidiol has a high gamma-linolenic acid content (GLA). This omega 6 is good for hormonal imbalances. It helps our body in particular in the treatment of premenstrual syndrome, certain symptoms of menopause, and even water retention. A classic take in capsule form helps avoid the taste of cannabis, which can sometimes be strong and earthy.

Health supplements are becoming increasingly commonplace as average Americans struggle to meet their recommended daily intake of vitamins and minerals. CBD oil is the newest supplement to join the ranks, but how might it interact with your existing regimen? Are there any combinations you should avoid?

With that said, if you begin to feel undesirable side effects after using CBD oil with your existing dietary supplements, you may wish to reduce your dosage, or remove CBD from your regimen.

Interactions between CBD and Dietary Supplements

The reason for this interaction is discussed later in the article (see “Effects of CBD on Dietary Supplements”), and relates to the cumulative sleep-inducing properties of both supplements when used together. If St John’s Wort makes you feel drowsy, combining it with CBD oil may increase this effect. However, if it does not have this effect on you, or if sleep is desired, then the combination is of no concern.

The reactions between CBD oil, Ginkgo biloba, and Vitamin D likely have to do with their use of the cytochrome P-450 enzyme system, which is just a fancy name for the enzymes in your liver that help digest toxins and certain medications.

Not only can CBD oil and iron supplements be taken together safely, but CBD oil can actually guard against some of the negative effects that iron can have on the body. If you think you may consume more than the recommended daily amount (RDA) of iron, using CBD oil is a wise choice.